What the Grocery Industry Isn’t Telling You

An aisle at a grocery store with colorful products on the shelves

A Conversation with Dr. Phil Howard Just a handful of companies control your food. Yes, even your organic food. Cornucopia’s director of advocacy and development, Rachel Zegerius, caught up with food system expert Dr. Phil Howard to learn more about the alarming concentration among organic food companies and brands, how these food behemoths gain economic… Read more »

Join Cornucopia’s Board of Directors

Are you passionate about organic food and farming? Are you inspired by the immense challenges of the current moment? Are you excited to lend your skills to an evolving organization? The Cornucopia Institute is looking for committed volunteer leaders to join our dynamic board of directors. As the premier organic industry watchdog in the US,… Read more »

A Win for Authentic Organic Dairy

cows walking down a path through a pasture

Long overdue rule underscores the cost and care of raising organic calves For years after they purchased their land, and before they even welcomed their first calf, Virginia and Stacy Thomas of Clover Mountain Dairy contemplated how to thoughtfully steward calves to heifers and onto motherhood, studying old extension magazines and touring dairy farms. One… Read more »

Cornucopia Releases New Local Organic Berry Map

organic strawberries for sale

A multistate outbreak of hepatitis A in the US and Canada, potentially linked to fresh organic strawberries purchased in grocery stores, is yet another case for buying local: It’s easier to trust your food when you know your farmer. A new tool from The Cornucopia Institute, a nonprofit watchdog for the organic label, is helping… Read more »

The Cultivator – Spring/Summer 2022

Farmer standing in field with a gourd in her hand

The Spring/Summer 2022 Cultivator, Cornucopia’s quarterly print newsletter, is off the press. This issue is the first to feature our new design! You’ll find the same great stories and updates, but with a cleaner look! Featuring independent journalism and stories you won’t read anywhere else, the Cultivator is mailed to supporters as a benefit of their gift…. Read more »

This grilling season, buy a burger you can feel good about

open grill with burgers cooking

VIROQUA, Wis., May 24, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The Cornucopia Institute, a nonprofit watchdog for the organic label, is helping people find better beef. More than 13,000 eaters have used its Organic Beef Scorecard to take a step away from an industrial model reliant on synthetic fertilizers. Ranking more than 175 brands, the Organic Beef Scorecard… Read more »

Feed the Soil, says the NOSB

Corn husks in a field

Last week, the National Organic Standards Board (NOSB) unanimously voted to limit the use of highly soluble nitrogen fertilizers. This is a win for authentic organic farming. “Feed the soil, not the plant” embodies the wisdom of the organic movement. Instead of relying on shortcuts, authentic organic farmers steward their soil, tending the tiny lives… Read more »

Origin of Livestock: A Step Toward Organic Integrity

Cows running through a pasture

After decades of pressure from Cornucopia and its colleagues in organics, USDA is moving forward with the long-overdue final rule on Origin of Livestock. The final rule underscores a key value of authentic organic dairy: the cost and care necessary to raise organic calves on farms. Unbeknownst to many consumers, “organic” factory dairies have been… Read more »

Hope and Hypocrisy: An Update on Northeast Organic Dairy

Large Danone sign atop a building

Pointing to a decade’s loss of 100,000 small family farms, Organic Valley recently announced a plan that will hopefully distance 80 Northeast organic dairy farms from that bleak statistic. Organic Valley is offering those 80 farms, most of which were deserted by Danone in its quest for improved financial performance, a new market for their… Read more »

Behind the Scenes of the Policy Desk

cattle grazing in tall grass

An update from Policy Director Marie Burcham, JD Even though it is not always front and center, policy undergirds Cornucopia’s work. Policies steer legislative outcomes, and we carefully follow the agricultural strategies of each administration. Climate Policy President Biden’s Executive Order, Tackling the Climate Crisis at Home and Abroad, laid out the administration’s plan to… Read more »