Autopsy or Message of Hope?

Delta barns

Withdrawn animal welfare rule still under USDA analysis     An unusual action by the USDA has left us scratching our heads. In April of this year, the USDA’s Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS) requested public comments on the economic analysis of the Organic Livestock and Poultry Practices (OLPP) Rule—despite the fact that the USDA withdrew the… Read more »

Black Lives Matter

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The Cornucopia Institute stands in solidarity with Black people and those organizations that condemn racism. Black Lives Matter. Institutional racism is woven into the story of our nation, into the story of agriculture. Oppression, discrimination, and violence underpin farming for profit in the United States. The wisdom of Black farmers is foundational to organic farming. Leah Penniman, author of “Farming While Black, Soul… Read more »

Strengthening Food Sovereignty Movements

Farming While Black

Skillshare sessions connect diverse communities to hope and knowledge [This article was previously published in the spring issue of  the Cultivator, Cornucopia’s quarterly newsletter.] by Michele Marchetti, Co-Director of Development and Communications at The Cornucopia Institute On a Sunday evening in March, Rowen White Zoomed in from her home, remotely joining more than 150 farmers, land stewards,… Read more »

Cornucopia Campaign Elevates the Country’s Top-Rated Dairy Producers

Earl Ransom, Strafford Organic Dairy

Empowering a consumer response to the “factory-farm takeover” of organic agriculture The Cornucopia Institute is launching a new campaign to showcase dairy producers who use the most ethical, authentic organic farming practices. The “Organic Innovators: Top-Rated Farmers You Can Trust” Dairy Campaign will empower consumers and wholesale buyers to support  hard-working farmers who are in… Read more »

The Industrial Food System is Failing Us—What Now?

“Get big or get out” has been the rallying cry for US food policy since the 1950s, leading to the ever-increasing centralization of conventional food production and processing. The quest for unyielding growth, consolidation, and the cheapest ingredients has made our food supply brittle. Activists have noted for decades that we have a food distribution… Read more »

NOSB Sparks Vital Discussion of Fenbendazole Use on Massive ‘Organic’ Flocks

by Marie Burcham, JD, Domestic Policy Director and Melody Morrell, Operations Director As five new National Organic Standards Board (NOSB) members attended their first meeting, the petitioned emergency use of fenbendazole in poultry sparked vital discussion. (Fenbendazole is currently allowed for emergency use in other organic livestock.) The National Organic Program (NOP) has yet to… Read more »

Between the Clouds and Seas: Working to Cool the Planet

By Melody Morrell, Operations Director [THIS ARTICLE WAS PREVIOUSLY PUBLISHED IN THE WINTER ISSUE OF  THE CULTIVATOR, CORNUCOPIA’S QUARTERLY NEWSLETTER.]  As a grandmother, I pay careful attention to what my family eats. I grow nutrient-dense produce in my garden, and I seek out authentic, certified organic food from local farmers whenever possible.  I do this, in part,… Read more »

Natural Prairie Dairy and Texas Department of Agriculture Continue to Act with Impunity

The National Organic Program (NOP) has closed The Cornucopia Institute’s formal complaint regarding alleged violations of the organic standards by Natural Prairie Dairy and their organic certifier, Texas Department of Agriculture (TDA). Cornucopia submitted the complaint in response to egregious animal welfare abuses and violations of the organic standards observed by the Animal Recovery Mission… Read more »