Cornucopia to Investigate Allegations of Animal Abuse at a Horizon Dairy Farm in Texas

Cartons of Horizon milk

The Cornucopia Institute is investigating recent, disturbing allegations of animal abuse at an industrial organic dairy in Texas. Lone Star Organic Dairy supplies “organic” milk to the brand Horizon. Following the public shaming, Horizon has reportedly suspended its sourcing from this factory farm. But for how long? “No one who buys organic milk expects it… Read more »

Who Owns Your Favorite Organic Brand?

women in a grocery store aisle looking at her list

The success of the organic sector has not escaped the notice of corporate giants, which have been buying up organic brands and investing serious money into getting them into your carts. Cornucopia believes you have a right to know who owns these companies. That’s why we have updated our popular Who Owns Organic? graphic, informed… Read more »

Announcing the Independent Brand Project

Heard of these Independent Organic Brands? Printable PDF When it comes to grocery shopping, you want a choice — not just the illusion of one. That’s why Cornucopia has created a list of nationally available, organic-only brands that are currently independently owned. The brands in this list meet the following criteria: They only sell certified… Read more »

The Cultivator – Winter 2022

A farmer collecting eggs in a pasture

The Winter 2022 Cultivator, Cornucopia’s quarterly print newsletter, is off the press. Featuring independent journalism and stories you won’t read anywhere else, the Cultivator is mailed to supporters as a benefit of their gift. For a look at what supporters receive, view on your browser or download the PDF here. Highlights of this issue include: Anne Ross Returns… Read more »

What the Grocery Industry Isn’t Telling You

An aisle at a grocery store with colorful products on the shelves

A Conversation with Dr. Phil Howard [This article was previously published in the summer issue of the Cultivator, Cornucopia’s quarterly newsletter. Donate today to protect organic integrity and receive our fall issue in print.] Just a handful of companies control your food. Yes, even your organic food. Cornucopia’s director of advocacy and development, Rachel Zegerius,… Read more »

For the Birds: Cornucopia Details the Industrial Takeover of Organic Poultry and What It Means for Consumers

Industrial Chicken Production

New report uncovers empty assurances of big organic poultry brands and implores consumers to buy from authentic organic farmers A newly published report by The Cornucopia Institute uncovers troubling poultry farming and production practices represented as organic under the USDA seal. For the Birds: How to Recognize Authentic Organic Chicken and Turkey shows how the… Read more »