Don’t Leave GMOs in the Dark

U.S. News & World Report by David Brodwin Source: Steve Rhodes There’s no reason to prevent states from passing GMO labeling laws. In politics you often hear people call for “states’ rights” as a way to justify certain positions. This argument sounds like recourse to a high Constitutional principle, but really, it’s anything but that…. Read more »

Whole Foods’ “Responsibly Grown” Produce Ratings — Not “Good” Enough

This spring 17 certified organic farmers signed on to a letter to Whole Foods Market CEO John Mackey asking him to withdraw the company’s “Responsibly Grown” produce labeling program, at least temporarily. The farmers, all of whom sell produce to the 400+-store high-end grocery chain, objected to having to pay for the grocer’s marketing program… Read more »

Industrial Agriculture to Blame in Bird Flu Outbreak

Green Bay Press Gazette by Michael Greger Source: USDA Avian influenza is sweeping the Midwest with outbreaks in 12 different states. Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker declared a state of emergency in Wisconsin, enlisting the help of the National Guard to contain the disease. Last month, an outbreak struck a Jefferson County egg facility that confines… Read more »

Democracy in the Grocery Aisle?

Commentary by Will Fantle Source: iStock One of the more interesting takeaways from the state-based battle to enact GMO food ingredient labeling has been the deluge of money that Monsanto, their biotech allies, and Big Food corporate interests have been willing to spend to drown out your right-to-know about what you are putting in your… Read more »

Stop Making Us Guinea Pigs

The New York Times by Mark Bittman Source: Montecruz Foto The issues surrounding G.M.O.s — genetically modified organisms — have never been simple. They became more complicated last week when the International Agency for Research on Cancer declared that glyphosate, the active ingredient in the widely used herbicide Roundup, probably causes cancer in humans. Two… Read more »

Merchants of Doubt Exposes the Bull

No-Bull Food News by Mike Callicrate Source: LandLearn NSW Not believing doesn’t make it untrue In last week’s Atlantic article, Farmland Without Farmers, Wendell Berry describes how industrial agriculture has replaced men with machines, depriving the American landscape of its stewards and the culture they built. He discusses the value of living in a place… Read more »

When Enough Is Enough and We Stand for Our Rights

A voice from Benton County, OR by Harry MacCormack Harry MacCormack There is a disturbance on the Land, in our intestinal tracts, and in our cells and genes. It is not a new terror. It has been deteriorating life quality for over four generations. Wreaking havoc daily at subtle, mostly unseen levels, the devastation is… Read more »

Former NOSB Chair: Approval Process for Synthetic/Non-Organic Materials… Turned on Its Head

[NOTE:  Barry Flamm is the Secretary of Cornucopia’s Board of Directors.] Certified Organics: 2015 by Barry Flamm Barry Flamm Members of MOA care deeply about organics. For many it is your life: manifesting a deep conviction that organics is the future for agriculture if a healthy, sustainable world is to be achieved. An important step… Read more »