We Want Real Food

telegraph.co.uk Britain’s once fertile soil has been systematically stripped of its crucial minerals by industrial farming, leaving our fruit and vegetables tasteless and a nation in chronic ill health. Graham Harvey calls for a return to nutritious food. It started with a bunch of organic carrots. I bought them in a wholefood shop. They hadn’t… Read more »

Mass Natural

The Way We Live Now The New York Times By MICHAEL POLLAN “Elitist” is just about the nastiest name you can call someone, or something, in America these days, a finely-honed term of derision in the culture wars, and “elitist” has stuck to organic food in this country like balsamic vinegar to mache. Thirty years… Read more »

Save Family Farms, Save America

By Willie Nelson As one of the founders of Farm Aid, I have watched with admiration and a good amount of satisfaction the growth of what many now call the “Good Food Movement” — the growing interest in and demand for organic, humanely-raised and family farm-identified food that is transforming the way America grows its… Read more »

Are There Human Genes in Your Food?

Trudy Bialic Guest Columnist seattlepi.nwsource.com Ask the people around you if they want experimental drugs and industrial chemicals in their food or beer—without their knowledge or consent. Chances are they’ll say no. Then tell them experiments that could make that happen are occurring right here in Washington state.

USDA Secretary Challenged for Kowtowing to Corporate Organic Interests

You might recall that we helped organize upwards of 40,000 contacts to the USDA Secretary last fall requesting that he intervene, and overrule the NOP, and allow The National Organic Standards Board (NOSB) to formally vote and adopt a strong pasture guidance, closing the loopholes, at their last meeting. Secretary Johanns disregarded the feelings of… Read more »

The Fractured State of the Organic Community

An Open Letter From Jim Riddle (Mr. Riddle is an organic farmer, inspector and current Chair of the NOSB) Dear friends and colleagues, I am very concerned by the fractured state of the organic community. I have farmed organically since 1980 and been an organic inspector since 1986. In 1991, I agreed to serve as… Read more »

Antibiotic Abuse

Editorial The Boston Globe August 8, 2005 THE GREAT, life-saving medical advance of the 20th century was the discovery of antibiotics. Now, in the 21st century, the effectiveness of these miracle drugs is being undercut by their misuse in both people and animals.

Letter to the Editor from Anna Blythe Lappe

Letter to the Editor from Anna Blythe Lappé, Small Planet Institute A good friend of Cornucopia, Anna Blythe Lappé, Food and Society Policy Fellow, WK Kellogg Foundation and Founding Principal, Small Planet Institute takes one of the most relentless, and ideologically unwavering, critics of organic food, Alex Avery, to the woodshed… Dear Editor, I don’t… Read more »