Another Example of a Federal Agency Operating by Fiat

Capital Press Editorial Critics say the head of the National Organic Program is keeping secret the names of experts used to formulate policy, has failed to vigorously enforce regulations and punish violators, and is acting at the behest of large corporations. We’ve grown used to regulators in the Obama administration taking arbitrary, heavy-handed action, so… Read more »

Keep the Soil in Organic

by Dave Chapman This is my effort to keep you up to date on what has been happening. Our efforts to keep hydroponic produce out of organic certification continues. There are now several lawsuits against the NOP (National Organic Program), brought by a number of national organizations that fear we are losing the integrity of… Read more »

Is the Organic Label Worth Saving?

by Mark Kastel Big Food/USDA Collusion Undermines the Seal, but the Fight Continues Cornucopia board president Helen Kees and her family operate Wheatfield Hill Organics, a fifth- generation, diversified farm in west-central Wisconsin. She was one of the state’s first certified organic beef producers. We are getting more correspondence from our farmer-members, and consumers, asking whether it’s time… Read more »

The Future of GMOs, Meat Safety and Organics Under the Influence of the Same Corrupt, Corporate-Lapdog: the USDA

by Jérôme Rigot, PhD Can we be sure that the “organic” in the USDA Certified Organic seal retains its meaning and remains true to its mandate of assuring consumers that food under this label is truly healthy and grown or raised with minimal impact to the environment and respects the health and well-being of the workers… Read more »

Busting (Organic) Corporate Propaganda

The Organic Trade Association (OTA), the industry’s lobby group, has launched a campaign they call “Organic Myth-Busting Month.” The majority of what they are communicating seems pretty accurate in portraying the advantages of choosing an organic diet. However, two of their social media subjects are a direct damage control effort to counter the work of… Read more »

Why Are Climate Groups Only Focused on 50% of the Solution?

EcoWatch by John Roulac To the leadership at Greenpeace, Sierra Club,, Environmental Defense Fund, Natural Resources Defense Council and all other climate groups: Your organizations have worked very hard, collectively, to reduce world reliance on carbon-centric oil, gas and coal. Thanks to your work to reduce pollution, we certainly have a healthier planet. High praise… Read more »

Recalls of Organic Food on the Rise, Report Says

Letter to the editor submitted by Cornucopia’s Mark Kastel to the New York Times in response to the article below: Source: To the editor, Stephanie Strom’s Aug. 14 article, Recalls of Organic Food on the Rise, Report Says, is disturbing. Regardless of the rate, food recalls due to pathogenic contamination are too high in… Read more »

Exposing Abuse on the Factory Farm

The New York Times by The Editorial Board Source: Orin Zebest While most Americans enjoy eating meat, it is hard to stomach the often sadistic treatment of factory-farmed cows, pigs and chickens. Farm operators know this, and they go to great lengths to hide these gruesome images from the public. A popular tactic pushed lately… Read more »

GM Foods: A Moment of Honesty

FieldQuestions by Glenn Davis Stone As the latest controversy over GMO’s unfolds – this time it’s about a House Bill that would ban labeling laws – it’s time for a moment of honesty about science and safety. Of course safety is hardly the only bone of contention in GMO debates, but safety is the issue… Read more »