Commercial Agriculture Research Finds Chemicals Are Better for the Environment?

Bare Soil

You may have seen the study suggesting that organic agriculture actually creates more greenhouse gas emissions than conventional agriculture. The Cornucopia Institute has observed research on this topic often comes from an industrial agriculture viewpoint. For more on this issue, read “Big Ag’s Long Arms in Scientific Research.”

USDA Secretary Perdue Betrays His Disdain for Family-Scale Farmers Again

USDA Secretary Perdue made comments at the World Dairy Expo this week that have inflamed family-scale dairy producers across the country: Small dairies and other family-scale farms support rural areas with food and local investment. They are a critical part of the fabric of the rural United States. Many small dairy farmers transitioned to organic… Read more »

Regenerative Organic Certification is Coming Soon

Source: USDA, Flickr Despite recent news that studies show organic food is worse for the environment due to land-use concerns, real organic farming is based on regenerative principles. Researchers at the Rodale Institute have shown that if all farms and ranches used regenerative organic techniques (practices premised on supporting soil health), global carbon emissions could… Read more »

Eliot Coleman: Organic is a System of Agriculture That Acknowledges the Pre-Eminence of Soil Life

Cornucopia’s Take: Pioneering organic farmer Eliot Coleman of Four Season Farm in Maine has shared his knowledge of the soil and growing food with growers from around the world. He has also been a vocal critic of the USDA National Organic Program. Read his latest commentary on the NOP and organic below. DEFENDING THE MEANING OF… Read more »

Agroecology Brings Innovation and Sustainability to Farms Worldwide

Cornucopia’s Take: Grassroots movements to improve soil health, increase biodiversity, and take legitimate stock of the true and terrible costs of chemical-based, industrial farming are spreading around the globe. Governments in India, Africa, and Europe are funding farmers’ use of agroecological principles as well. Cornucopia applauds the scientific and practical innovations of sustainable farmers everywhere…. Read more »

Aurora Dairy: Destroying the Environment = THAT’S NOT ORGANIC!

It’s bad enough that the only legal obligations corporations have are to their shareholders and investors. Many companies and brands talk a good game when it comes to “sustainability” practices, but, as this commentary illustrates, their very model is destructive. In the case of Aurora, not only will they have semi-trailers worth of raw milk… Read more »

Organic Cattle Farmer Speaks Out on Antibiotics

Cornucopia’s Take: Although the FDA banned the use of antibiotics solely as a growth-promoter for livestock in 2017, the agency did not establish any real tracking of antibiotic use by ranchers. The FDA rule also allows veterinarians to prescribe antibiotics for disease prevention, even when no animals in the herd are ill. Overuse of antibiotics… Read more »

Farmland Conservation Practices Prevent Soil Erosion

Cornucopia’s Take: As markets drop, many farmers are plowing new fields to increase harvests, sometimes removing old windbreaks to do so. Shifting weather patterns present further challenges. The proposed Farm Bill would cut conservation funds, removing incentives for farmers to take much-needed steps to prevent wholesale soil erosion. When the dust settles, farmers focus on… Read more »

Small Organic Dairy Farmer Speaks Out

Cornucopia’s Take: As “organic” factory dairies flood the market with their questionable version of “organic” milk, real organic milk prices are tanking too. Wisconsin organic dairy farmer, Jim Goodman, shares his thoughts below. Cornucopia offers a dairy scorecard to help shoppers choose truly organic dairy from truly organic farmers. Retailers Want to Own Farmers –… Read more »