As U.S. Immigration Policies Tighten, Farmers Turn to Cumbersome Federal Program for Labor

Cornucopia’s Take: Immigration policies have made farm laborers hard to find. U.S. citizens are largely unwilling to perform the demanding work required to grow and harvest the food we eat, so farmers have turned to the H-2A visa program for help. The paperwork and requirements of the program are increasingly daunting, and farmers are often unable… Read more »

We Owe These Farmers …

Dear Cornucopia members and supporters, Pat Slattery of Middle Ridge, Wisconsin is the self-professed Brussels Sprout King of the Midwest. Pat has long been dedicated to high-quality wholesale and retail organics, as the photo indicates, and supportive of the community of farmers. We have been friends for over two decades—thank you to the Slattery family… Read more »