Brand NameCompanyCompany TypeRatingScore
5-Grain rating | ExemplaryBrands in the 5-Grain category are exceptional. They are trustworthy and committed to organics, produced by true heroes in the organic industry. All products under the brand name are certified organic and the company markets exclusively organic products. These foods were produced without GMOs, toxic pesticides, petrochemical solvents, and other inputs that are prohibited in certified organic food.
Country Choice OrganicCountry Choice OrganicIndependent700
Pure Bliss OrganicsPure Bliss Organics700
Laughing GiraffeLaughing Giraffe Inc.Independent700
Great River Organic MillingGreat River Organic MillingIndependent700
Go RawFreeland FoodsIndependent700
KaiaKaia FoodsIndependent700
Back Roads GranolaBack Roads Food Co.Independent700
Farm to TableFarm to Table Foods, Inc.Independent700
Nature's PathNature's PathIndependent700
Lydia's OrganicsLydia's OrganicsIndependent700
One DegreeOne DegreeIndependent700
Tierra FarmTierra FarmIndependent700
Grandy OatsGrandy OatsIndependent700
Two Moms in the RawTwo Moms in the RawIndependent700
AmbrosialAmbrosial Organic Inc.Independent700
4-Grain rating | ExcellentBrands in the 4-Grain category are committed to organics, but either the company does not market exclusively organic foods, or some of the products contain some conventional ingredients. All products under 4-Grain brands are produced without genetically engineered ingredients and without the use of petrochemical solvents.
Green Barn OrganicsCream of the West Inc.Independent610
Eco-PlanetHeaven Scent Natural FoodsIndependent610
Food for LifeFood for Life Baking Co. Ltd.Independent595
3-Grain rating | Very GoodBands in the 3-Grain category are either owned by corporations without a serious commitment to organics, or do not contain many organic ingredients. All brands listed under the 3-Grain category have policies not to source genetically engineered ingredients or use ingredients extracted with petrochemical solvents. Consumers should choose products in this category only if they are labeled "organic," since "natural" products could be contaminated with pesticide residues, genetically engineered ingredients, and toxic solvent residues.
Cream of the WestCream of the West Inc.Independent410
Cascadian FarmGeneral MillsPublic Corporation410
ErewhonRalcorp HoldingsPublic Corporation404
Grizzlie's BrandWildtime FoodsIndependent375
New England NaturalsNew England NaturalsIndependent346
WeetabixWeetabixLion Capital342
Stark Sisters GranolaStark Sisters GranolaIndependent325
Annie's HomegrownAnnie'sSolera Capital325
Bakery on MainGarden of LightIndependent301
2-Grain rating | FairBrands lose points and fall under the 2-Grain category for various reasons; sometimes products contain genetically engineered ingredients (see cereal residue test results) or solvent (hexane)-extracted oils, or corporate owners are not committed to organics. Some brands under the 2-Grain category do offer certified organic products, which are good choices. But the "natural" label used on most products under 2-Grain brands is largely meaningless marketing hype.
Arrowhead MillsHain Celestial GroupPublic Corporation273
Health ValleyHain Celestial GroupPublic Corporation271
AlpenWeetabixLion Capital250
Bob's Red MillBob's Red MillEmployee-owned242
SkinnersRalcorp HoldingsPublic Corporation185
Uncle SamRalcorp HoldingsPublic Corporation185
Dorset CerealDorset CerealDorset Cereals145
Back to NatureKraft FoodsPublic Corporation117
Peace CerealPost Cereals110
Mother'sPepsicoPublic Corporation110
Sweet Home FarmPost CerealsPublic Corporation110
1-Grain rating | PoorBrands with a 1-Grain rating are poor choices. The vast majority of brands in this category offer no certified organic products, and only a handful offer very limited organic choices. "Natural" products in the 1-Grain category contain ingredients that are likely produced with toxic pesticides, and could contain genetically engineered and hexane-extracted ingredients (see cereal residue test results). The "natural" label on these products is largely meaningless marketing hype.
Newman's OwnNewman's OwnIndependent100
Barbara's BakeryWeetabixLion Capital98
Three SistersMalt-O-MealIndependent76
KashiKelloggPublic Corporation54
Udi's GranolaUdi's GranolaIndependent50
Nutritious LivingOrganic Milling Co.Independent10
General MillsGeneral MillsPublic Corporation10
Bear NakedKelloggPublic Corporation10
Mom's BestMalt-o-MealIndependent0
Post NaturalRalcorp HoldingsPublic Corporation0
OLA!OLA Foods, LLCIndependent0

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