Uncle Sam

CompanyRalcorp Holdings
Company TypePublic Corporation
Organic StatusCereal products are not certified organic
Total Score185

Numerous breakfast cereal brands are owned by the company Attune Foods: the organic Erewhon brand and non-organic, conventional brands Uncle Sam, New Morning and Skinner’s Raisin Bran.

They write, “In 1908, a physician recommended that Uncle Sam cereal founder, Lafayette Coltrin, add flaxseed to his diet. Mr. Coltrin found that he enjoyed the flaxseed sprinkled on the whole-wheat flakes that he ate for breakfast. In fact, he liked the combination so much that he decided to package it. And, since he was so proud of his resemblance to our nation’s Uncle Sam character, he named his new cereal Uncle Sam. Attune was acquired by Post Foods in 2013, which is in turn a property of Ralcorp Holdings.

Uncle Sam has been an American Original for over 100 years. We take hard red winter wheat berries from the American heartland and then steam, roll and toast them. We blend them with just a touch of barley malt and salt to enhance the natural flavor of the whole grain. Then we add heart healthy flaxseeds. And that’s it. Our traditional method preserves the natural fiber, nutritional value, shape and flavor of the whole grains. Uncle Sam Cereal is verified as non-GMO by the non-GMO project.”

TOTAL (possible score is 700) 185
Percentage of the brand’s product line that is certified organic.
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