Three Sisters

Company TypeIndependent
Organic StatusCaution: only 3 of 12 cereal/oatmeal products are certified organic
Total Score76

Several brands like Mom’s Best, Three Sisters (available exclusively in Whole Foods Markets), Bear River Valley and Isabel’s Way are owned by Malt-O-Meal. Malt-O-Meal was founded by John S. Campbell in 1919 in Owatonna, Minnesota. Today, the company owns nearly a dozen brands, none of them organic. One of the brands is Three Sisters, a non-organic “natural” cereal brand, which recently became available exclusively in Whole Foods Stores.

Just as Kashi does not state it is owned by Kellogg, the Mom’s Best brand seems to hide that it is a Malt-O-Meal brand. The Mom’s Best website states: “Our company has been owned by the same family for four generations. Mom’s Best is named in honor of our mother who taught us the importance of good food, as well as stewardship.”

In reality, “Mom” is the acronym for “Malt-O-Meal.” However, the website does not state anywhere that the Mom’s Best Naturals brand is owned by Malt-O-Meal. Even on the “Contact Us” page, the address given states “Mom’s Best Naturals, Consumer Response” with a PO Box in the same town where Malt-O-Meal is headquartered.

Sold in Whole Foods and many natural food coops, no Mom’s Best or Three Sisters products are certified organic.

TOTAL (possible score is 700) 76
Percentage of the brand’s product line that is certified organic.
Organic Status of Cereal/Granola by Brand
Percentage of the parent company’s products that are certified organic.
Organic Commitment by Corporate Owner
Brand’s commitment to ensuring all cereals are non-GMO.
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Parent company’s commitment to ensuring all of its products are non-GMO.
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Brand’s commitment to ensuring that hexane is not present in its cereal and granola products.
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