DIY Certification Guide: Identifying Authentic Produce and Ethical Farmers at the Market

When Certified Organic Is Not Available, Ask the Right Questions at the Market Source: Corey Templeton As market season kicks into high gear, farm stands beckon shoppers with signs: Local! Organic! Natural! No Spray! Sustainable! Organic is defined by strict federal standards. But what do these other claims really mean, and which are worthy of… Read more »

Industry Watchdog: USDA Allowing Illegal “Organic” Produce Production

Corporate Interests Lobbying to Approve Hydroponics — Growing without Soil Hydroponic Pepper Operation (c) Dario Sabljak/Adobe Stock An organic industry watchdog contends the USDA has quietly allowed a flood of hydroponically-produced fruits and vegetables, largely imported, to be illegally labeled and sold as “organic.”  This produce is generally grown under artificial lighting, indoors, and on… Read more »

Report Finds Toxins/Carcinogens in Popular Brands of Toothpaste

Scorecard Identifies the “Dirtiest” and Safest, Even Organic, Alternatives The latest report by The Cornucopia Institute, an organic industry watchdog, uncovers serious problems in cosmetics industry regulations. Regulatory weaknesses and loopholes allow for the use of questionable, even harmful ingredients in personal care products, such as toothpastes, that could negatively impact the health of the… Read more »

Scrambled Eggs: Report Contrasts Widespread Industry Fraud and USDA Complacency with True Heroes in Organics

Family Farmers Face Unfair Competition from “Organic” Factory Farms Just as Americans are reacting to new medical literature encouraging the consumption of “healthy” fats, including eggs, an independent report has been released that focuses on widespread abuses in organic egg production and marketing, primarily by large industrial agribusinesses. The study, conducted by The Cornucopia Institute,… Read more »

New Report Exposes Dangerous/Unhealthy Pet Food

Decoding Pet Food Labels: Avoiding Harmful Ingredients for Dogs and Cats A new report sheds light on serious problems in pet food industry regulations and how specific loopholes allow for the use of questionable ingredients that could negatively impact companion animal health. Issued by The Cornucopia Institute, a non-profit food/farm policy research group, the report… Read more »

The Clear Choice to Protect Children’s Health: Organic Food

Report Cites Scientific Evidence Making a Compelling Case for Organic Diet Click here to read the report The Cornucopia Institute released a report today making the compelling case for protecting children’s health and development by choosing organic foods over their conventional, chemically grown and produced counterparts. The report, Protecting Children’s Health: Choosing Organic Food to… Read more »

New Report Criticizes Yogurt Industry

Major Brands Accused of Turning Health Food into Junk Food A new report, Culture Wars: How the Food Giants Turned Yogurt, a Health Food, into Junk Food,issued by The Cornucopia Institute, accuses Dannon, Yoplait, Chobani and other major marketers of misleading parents, who are looking for healthier foods for their families, into purchasing yogurts loaded… Read more »

FDA Puts Industry Profit Over Public Health – Defends Safety of Controversial Food Additive

The Cornucopia Institute Releases Report Formally Requests Removal of Carrageenan from List of Allowed Additives Cornucopia, WI – The Cornucopia Institute formally requested that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) remove the common additive carrageenan from the US food supply. Last year the FDA rejected a 2008 citizen petition, which presented scientific studies linking carrageenan… Read more »

Organic Egg Report and Scorecard

Organic Egg Research

The accompanying organic egg scorecard rates companies that market name-brand and private-label organic “shell” eggs based on 22 criteria that are important to organic consumers. The scorecard showcases ethical family farms, and their brands, and exposes factory farm producers and brands in grocery store coolers that threaten to take over organic livestock agriculture.

Position Paper: Organic Feedlot/Grass-based Beef

When the USDA released its “pasture rule” in February 2010, the rule included an exemption for organic ruminant “slaughter stock,” such as a beef cattle and bison, from obtaining 30% of their feed from pasture during the last 4 months of their lives. To gain a deeper understanding of current practices in the organic beef… Read more »