The Adventure of Organic Farming

Eliot Coleman has more than 40 years of experience in all aspects of organic farming, including field vegetables, greenhouse vegetables, rotational grazing of cattle and sheep, and range poultry. He is the author of The New Organic Grower, Four Season Harvest, and the Winter Harvest Handbook. He produces year-round vegetable crops, even under harsh winter… Read more »

Do We Want Organic Agriculture, or Just Organic Food?

Cornucopia’s Take: Cornucopia contends organic is a system of land and environmental stewardship, not just the absence of chemicals. Enjoy this commentary below by Matthew Hoffman of the Norwegian Centre for Rural Research. “hydroponics is not organic — it’s not even agriculture” Greenhorns blog by Matthew Hoffman Matthew Hoffman The farmers market in Jack London… Read more »

Veteran Organic Grower Questions What Technologies are Appropriate in Organics

Steve Sprinkel is a certified organic farmer from Ojai, California, where he also operates the Farmer and the Cook, a restaurant and market serving organic fare. He has held numerous leadership positions in the organic movement, including having acted as the board chair of The Cornucopia Institute. He currently sits on Cornucopia’s formal policy advisory… Read more »

Letter from Eliot Coleman

Through his iconic books, Eliot Coleman has been a mentor to many organic farmers over the years. He was also very generous with his time when I was starting out as a certified organic producer almost 30 years ago. The antidote for the concerns Eliot articulates in his essay below is the constant vigilance that… Read more »

Biology at Its Best: The Good Food Movement

Cornucopia’s Take: Enjoy this editorial from ACRES USA, reprinted with permission. Fred Walters expounds on how the food movement stands apart from other social movements and ideologies. View from the Country ACRES USA by Fred Walters The good news is the excitement, vitality and innovation found within the food movement is here to stay. That… Read more »

A Poisoned Merger

Cornucopia’s Take: Monsanto’s GMO seeds and Bayer’s pesticides have already come together in joint projects. The companies’ merger can only mean more toxic products with perhaps better PR. Monsanto-Bayer: The Year of Merging Dangerously Truthout by Maryam Henein Source: Liz West The Big Ag tech giants Monsanto — maker of Agent Orange, genetically modified seeds… Read more »

Immigration Law Aside, Mexican Farm Workers Harvesting Domestic Produce

Cornucopia’s Take: Organics are firmly rooted in attention to and care for the environment, animals and humanity. Farm labor is fraught with complex issues in need of our attention. True sustainability will ensure all farm workers a safer, more well-paid living. Phantoms in the fields: Mexican workers drawn to harvest California crops, despite hardships and… Read more »

Conventional Dairy Image Belies Toxic Reality

Cornucopia’s Take: The image of tranquil cows gladly giving their healthy milk is only PR spin hiding the reality of many conventional cows living on concrete and eating toxins. Consumers’ first choice should be organic dairy. Will Allen & Michael Colby: Dairy Marketing vs. Reality VT Digger by Will Allen and Michael Colby Editor’s note:… Read more »

Former Biotechnology’s “Governor of the Year” to Oversee GMO Labeling

Cornucopia’s Take: Consumers can currently be certain that their food is non-GMO by buying organic. However, some language in the new GMO labeling bill could dilute the definition of “bioengineered” in organic regulations as well. Lawsuits are already pending. Stand by to help keep organics truly non-GMO. Genetically modified food: New law a disaster San… Read more »

Leading Organic Industry CEO Condemns GMO Labeling “Sell-out”

Criticizes the Organic Trade Association and Some of Its Powerful Members David Bronner Cornucopia’s Take: David Bronner, CEO at Dr. Bronner’s, has been an activist and a leading voice for the real labeling of GMO foods. He also happens to be a long time member of the Organic Trade Association (OTA). He is harshly critical of… Read more »