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To Save Organic Dairy, Obama Must Change the USDA Mindset

Excerpted from The Milkweed Mark Kastel The state of the (organic) dairy nation is not good. That shouldn’t be too much of a surprise since the entire dairy industry, and general economy, is in freefall. But for many of us who have been involved in building the organic dairy sector over the last two decades,… Read more »

Re-assessing Biofuels, an Interview with Dr. David Pimentel

Civil Eats By Aaron French If you’ve been listening to the news in the past month, you’ve probably heard quite a bit about biofuels. Simply put, they are fuel made out of plants – principally corn and soybeans in the United States. The new Obama administration is solidly in favor of increased biofuels production. Everyone… Read more »

USDA Unable To Weed Out Unapproved Modified Foods

Reuters UK By Jasmin Melvin WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The U.S. food supply is at risk of being invaded by unapproved imports of genetically modified crops and livestock, a USDA internal audit report released Wednesday said. The report, released by the U.S. Agriculture Department’s Office of Inspector General, said the USDA does not have an import… Read more »

Michael Pollan: Eating Is a Political Act

Michael Pollan discusses food production, consumer choices, the future of organics and climate change. By Mark Eisen, The Progressive Michael Pollan has got people talking. His recent books, The Omnivore’s Dilemma: A Natural History of Four Meals and In Defense of Food: An Eater’s Manifesto, have captured the public imagination, setting off countless coffee shop… Read more »

Oregon’s Organic Farmers Fight Genetically Modified Seeds

The Oregonian Scott Learn Critics of genetically modified crops have warned about “frankenfood” and “superweeds” for years. But today, more than four-fifths of the nation’s corn, cotton and soybean crops are altered to resist pesticides and insects.

(ALERT OVER) – Urge the NOSB to Remove Soy Lecithin from the National List

Little-known food ingredient takes center stage in precedent-setting vote Public Comments due Monday, November 3rd Take a look at the bar of organic chocolate in your desk drawer or the carton of organic ice cream in your freezer, and you’ll likely see a little-known but very common food ingredient: lecithin. Unless the ingredients list specifically… Read more »

Planet-Profit Report: Organics Vs. Local

Dairy’s battle reflects conflicting views as organic ‘locavore’ movement gains ground Colorado Biz Today By Mike Taylor Forty miles north of Denver where residential real estate has yet to completely overrun agriculture, Mark Retzloff shows a visitor around his 400-acre Platteville facility. It’s the hub of Aurora Organic Dairy’s operations even though only about 1,000… Read more »

Huge Dairy Doesn’t Fit Organic Image

Aurora operation foes say farm pays lip service to ideal Rocky Mountain News By Joyzelle Davis PLATTEVILLE, CO – Not far from the truck stops that mark the I-25 turnoff to Longmont, Colorado’s largest organic dairy spreads across 500 acres. Some of the farm’s 1,075 black-and- white Holsteins amble across a pasture while others in… Read more »

Global Organic Foods & Beverages Market to Exceed $86 Billion by 2009

San Jose, CA — The global organic foods and beverages market is delivering strong double-digit annual growth as health and well-being moves up high on the consumer’s priority list. Outbreak of recent food scares, rising awareness of the long-term health impact of pesticidal residues in food, unhealthy ingredients such as carbohydrates, fat, calories and hydrogenated… Read more »

Attack of the Mutant Rice

America’s rice farmers didn’t want to grow a genetically engineered crop. Their customers in Europe did not want to buy it. So how did it end up in our food? Fortune Marc Gunther, Fortune senior writer (Fortune Magazine) — Back in the spring of 2001, a 64-year-old Texas rice farmer named Jacko Garrett watched a… Read more »