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Manna Farms: More than “Natural”

[Note: A version of this story appeared in Cornucopia’s fall newsletter.] By Elizabeth Wolf Cows have four stomachs for a reason. There is purpose behind the snout of a hog. Squash, corn, tomatoes — they grow where they do, when they do, how they do, by design. By Divine design, Dominic Marchese would say. This… Read more »

Chemical Industry Attacks Science with Spies and Lies

Cornucopia’s Take: The article below details Monsanto’s systematic campaign to discredit and potentially de-fund the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), the agency tasked by the World Health Organization with identifying carcinogens. The information contained here underscores the need for individuals to educate themselves and to vote for politicians who are devoted to public… Read more »

EU Freezes Approval of GM Crops to 2014 Brussels: The European Commission has decided to freeze the approval process for genetically modified food crops through the end of its mandate next year while it works towards an agreement with EU member states. “The Commission, if it wants, could launch a procedure to authorise the farming of one GM soya and six corn… Read more »

GM Maize ‘Has Polluted Rivers Across the United States’ By Steve Connor, Science Editor An insecticide used in genetically modified (GM) crops grown extensively in the United States and other parts of the world has leached into the water of the surrounding environment. The insecticide is the product of a bacterial gene inserted into GM maize and other cereal crops to protect them… Read more »

Follow the National Organic Standards Board Meeting in Seattle, WA #NOSB

Join The Cornucopia Institute as we keep you informed via live tweet and web updates from the National Organic Standards Board (NOSB) meeting in Seattle, WA April 24-26. We will be sharing the play by play both below and with our Twitter followers, at #NOSB or by simply following our stream. For background on issues… Read more »

The Impact of Transnational “Big Food” Companies on the South: A View from Brazil

This article was commissioned for the PLoS Medicine series on Big Food that examines the activities and influence of the food and beverage industry in the health arena. PLoS Medicine By Carlos A. Monteirol, Geoffrey Cannon Introduction Throughout human history, traditional food systems and dietary patterns have been intrinsic to social, cultural, and economic life,… Read more »

French Study Finds Tumours in Rats Fed GM Corn

Reuters London – Rats fed a lifetime diet of Monsanto’s genetically modified corn or exposed to its top-selling weedkiller Roundup suffered tumours and multiple organ damage, according to a French study published on Wednesday. Although the lead researcher’s past record as a critic of the industry may make other experts wary of drawing hasty conclusions,… Read more »

Chemical Merchant of Doubt Endorsed for EPA Safety Chief

Cornucopia’s Take: Michael Dourson was grilled at his Senate confirmation hearing last week. It remains to be seen whether he will be confirmed in a high position at the EPA, but his track record is absolutely clear: Dourson has spent his career determining toxic chemicals are safe and collecting a paycheck from chemical manufacturers. TRUMP’S… Read more »