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GMO Corn, with Attendant Pesticides, is Now Vermont’s Top Crop

Cornucopia’s Take: Like the rest of the country, Vermont has seen incredible rises in the use of pesticides, including glyphosate, on its farms. The state agriculture agency claims to lack the funds to better regulate pesticides in use or study new ones, while the agency’s recently released fact sheet on glyphosate sounds like it came… Read more »

Monsanto GMO Seeds Dominate Market

Cornucopia’s Take: GMO farmers have seen big crop losses as weeds have increasingly become resistant to Monsanto’s Roundup. Monsanto has pushed its dicamba resistant soy and cotton seeds as a solution, but use of the  notoriously volatile herbicide will inevitably promote dicamba resistant weed growth. Meanwhile, the massive increase in dicamba use has caused record… Read more »

Find the GMO Apples!

Cornucopia’s Take: Our colleagues at the Organic Consumers Association are looking for help in finding the GMO apples released into Midwest grocery stores. The apples have been genetically modified not to brown. The anti-browning gene adds nothing nutritionally. Rather it is a marketer’s dream, allowing a long shelf life for apples you wouldn’t eat if… Read more »

GMO News Coverage is Carefully Controlled

Cornucopia’s Take: The article below describes the lengths to which the biotech industry goes to control messaging around its products. Cornucopia supports the precautionary principle and advocates for strict regulations and food transparency so that consumers understand the food they are eating as well as the technology used to produce it. Does the Biotech Industry… Read more »

Untested GMO Ingredient Sold Without FDA Approval

Cornucopia’s Take: Many highly processed plant-based foods are currently on the market masquerading as health food. Cornucopia believes people should have access to the healthiest and most nutritious food, and no matter what your dietary choice, purchasing authentic organic food should be of paramount importance. Eaters should also avoid hexane-extracted soy protein, found in many… Read more »

AquaBounty Selling GMO Fish in Canada, Preparing Fish Farm in Indiana

Cornucopia’s Take: Canada does not require GMO labeling, and the GMO salmon, 25 years in the regulatory pipeline, is now being sold in that country. GMO labeling issues presently remain in the way of the introduction of this highly controversial fish into U.S. markets. AquaBounty awaits approval for its newest possible fish farm in Indiana…. Read more »

Give Your Input to USDA on GMO Labeling

Cornucopia’s Take: USDA is asking for stakeholder input on key issues of the GMO labeling law set to go into effect in 2018. We believe the most important issue here is to ensure that the USDA includes all gene-editing technologies in this labeling law. All Forms of Genetic Engineering Must Require Labels Organic Insider by… Read more »

GMO Moth Permitted for Release in New York Without Full Review

Cornucopia’s Take: The genetically engineered male Diamondback moth causes death to native female Diamondback moths it mates with. This trait has been bioengineered to reduce populations of the native moth, a pest to brassica plants. Cornucopia concurs with NOFA-NY that a comprehensive, independent health, safety, and environmental review must be completed before they are introduced… Read more »

The U.S. Government Wants You to Know that GMOs are Safe

Cornucopia’s Take: The FDA will be launching a public information campaign, hatched by Big Ag and Big Food, to convince Americans that GMOs are safe. This newly funded campaign – with your tax dollars – hopes that the government is a more convincing messenger than Monsanto and their ilk. Cornucopia supports the precautionary principle and… Read more »

European Union Votes Against New GMOs, but Not Decisively

Cornucopia’s Take: While the majority of EU countries voted to disallow these two new GMO crops, there were not enough votes to put a ban in place. The decision has now been left to European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker. EU nations vote against GM crops, but not enough to block them Reuters by Philip Blenkinsop; Editing… Read more »