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Everything You Wanted to Know about A2 Milk

Cows graze in pasture

By Kestrel Burcham, JD There is some buzz in the dairy marketplace about A2 milk — but what is it? And why do some people claim it solves the gastrointestinal issues that drinking cows’ milk usually gives them? A Difference in Milk Proteins The two major types of protein in cows’ milk are casein and… Read more »

A 40-year Experiment in Organic Food

Two handfuls of different color soil

Takeaways from Rodale Institute’s Farming Systems Trial by Lisa Elaine Held In Eastern Pennsylvania, fields of corn that stretch endlessly towards the horizon are a common sight. But 12 acres in Kutztown are nothing like the rest. It’s the site of Rodale Institute’s Farming Systems Trial (FST), the longest running side-by-side comparison of organic and… Read more »

Norwich Meadows Farm

Farmworkers harvesting vegetables at Norwich Meadows Farm

The Chef’s Pick New York City’s most memorable meals start in the fields of Norwich Meadows Farm By Michele Marchetti On a November morning in New York City, the pink-tipped kale was turning heads. Grown by Norwich Meadows Farm and on display at the city’s famed Union Square Greenmarket, the Brassica was one of many… Read more »

On Pasture: Where Cows Belong

Truly Pasture-Raised - cattle in a pasture by a pond

If you drink milk, your morning glass may conjure images of cows grazing and napping on a bright spring morning. Yet the majority of dairy in the US comes from conventional factory farms where confined cows are fed concentrates, including genetically modified corn and soy, and even waste products from other industries, such as stale… Read more »