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GM crop escapes into the American wild

Transgenic canola found growing freely in North Dakota Nature Natasha Gilbert A genetically modified (GM) crop has been found thriving in the wild for the first time in the United States. Transgenic canola is growing freely in parts of North Dakota, researchers told the Ecological Society of America conference in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, today. The scientists… Read more »

Effects of Sublethal Doses of Imidacloprid on Young Adult Honeybee Behaviour

[For the full article, including all graphics and figures, click here.] Source: Martin LaBar Plos One by Carolina Mengoni Goñalons and Walter Marcelo Farina Materials and Methods Study site and animals The study was carried out during the summer-autumn seasons of 2012 to 2014 in the experimental field of the Facultad de Ciencias Exactas y Naturales of… Read more »

Monsanto Gives up Fight for GM Plants in Europe

DW The world’s largest producer of seeds, Monsanto, has apparently given up on attempts to spread its genetically modified plant varieties in Europe. A German media report said the firm would end all lobbying for approval. The world’s largest producer of seeds, Monsanto, has apparently given up on attempts to spread its genetically modified plant… Read more »

NOSB Oral Comments, Fall 2022

DAY 1: October 18, 2022 Jennifer Tucker: Gives introductory remarks; Nate Powell-Palm will be directing the comments as Board chair. Starts with a role-call of the NOSB. Nate: Goes over PPM rules for public comment. Refrain from making any personal attacks or remarks that might impugn the character of any individual. Kiki Hubbard –… Read more »

Can a Soil-less Growing System be “Organic”?

Organic Agriculture and Hydroponics The USDA’s National Organic Program is allowing the certification of hydroponic operations despite the law governing organic agriculture which clearly states that nurturing the fertility of the soil is an integral part of organic management. When food grown without soil is allowed to carry the organic label, the environmental and health… Read more »

How Widespread Is the Use of Glyphosate in Our Food Supply?

EcoWatch by Carey Gillam, U.S. Right to Know Source: Tamina Miller As the active ingredient in Monsanto’s branded Roundup weed killer, along with hundreds of other weed-killing products, the chemical called glyphosate spells billions of dollars in sales for Monsanto and other companies each year as farmers around the world use it in their fields and… Read more »

GM Crop Could Cause Liver Failure: Scientist

Sean Cowan, The West Australian A world-renowned scientist has warned that one of the CSIRO’s genetically modified wheat varieties has the potential to cause a deadly disease that attacks the liver. In his report on GM wheat that is expected to be released today, New Zealand genetics lecturer Jack Heinemann, from the University of Canterbury,… Read more »

Pesticides Found in GM Soy; Vermont Orders Labels

Credit: USDA Living on Earth with Steve Curwood A recent study found “extreme levels” of the herbicide glyphosate, linked to birth defects and Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, in genetically modified soybeans farmed in Iowa. The US federal government doesn’t recognize a material difference between GM and non-GM crops but Vermont will require all genetically modified foods carry… Read more »

GE Salmon Caught, Temporarily, in a Net of Regulation

Cornucopia’s Take: Genetically engineered (GE) salmon by AquaBounty have yet to hit U.S. markets, in part because the FDA has yet to come out with their GE labeling law. Funding behind the GE salmon appears to be nearly infinite, and AquaBounty is determined to wait out legislators and policies. While it is likely that these… Read more »

What Organic Beef Is — and Isn’t

The organic label offers unique assurances about how food was grown, raised, and processed. As ruminant livestock, beef cattle are more regulated than any other certified organic animal, with clear requirements for pasturing and diet. What the organic standards, rules, and regulations promise The Organic Foods Production Act (OFPA) sets a regulatory floor for all… Read more »