Stand Up for Authentic Soil-Based Organic

Industrial Hydroponics Poised to Take Over Testify at Florida NOSB meeting/attend farmer rally The semi-annual National Organic Standards Board (NOSB) meeting begins October 31 in Jacksonville, Florida, with a focus on the controversy swirling around hydroponics and organics.  At issue is the rise of soil-less hydroponic production, much of it imported and on a gargantuan… Read more »

Action Alert: Tell USDA to Protect Organic Animal Welfare

Don’t Let Politicians and Factory Livestock Interests Undermine the Public Partnership that Has Been the Hallmark of Organic Rulemaking Incremental Improvements in Organic Livestock Regulations Need to Go into Effect The USDA is requesting your input at this critical juncture to determine whether the organic livestock rule should be scrapped or become effective as planned…. Read more »

Calling on All Organic Dairy Farmers and Consumers – Help Us Identify Fraudulent Factory Farms!

Help us determine where all the major brands are sourcing their milk by submitting your milk carton’s plant code. You may have heard the buzz surrounding The Washington Post’s scathing investigative report Why Your ‘Organic’ Milk May Not Be Organic. Due to the exposure of the Aurora Dairy scandal, we’re sure you will agree that… Read more »

Take Action to Oppose New Organic Tax

Comments Due to USDA by April 19 on Checkoff Proposal Image source: The USDA wants public feedback on a proposed checkoff program for organics. The scheme, advocated by the industry’s largest lobby group, the Organic Trade Association (OTA), would establish a mandatory tax on farmers, food processors, distributors, retailers, and importers engaged in organic… Read more »

Keep Fragile Ecosystems Wild

[The comment period for this issue is now closed.] [Read Cornucopia’s comprehensive comments on this issue.] Comment to the National Organic Standards Board (NOSB) by March 30 Though organic agriculture promotes and enhances biodiversity, organic regulations do not explicitly protect sensitive native ecosystems from being converted into organic production – in fact, they incentivize it!… Read more »

Keep Organics Rooted in Nutritious Soil

[The comment period for this issue is now closed.] Comment to the National Organic Standards Board (NOSB) by March 30 When food grown without soil (hydroponic) is allowed to carry the organic label, the environmental and health benefits that underpin organic farming are lost, and legitimate, soil-based farmers who steward the land are unfairly undercut… Read more »

Sign the Proxy – Keep Organics Rooted in Nutritious Soil

Tell the USDA Growing in Factory Farm Fish Waste/Conventional Soybean Slurry, under Artificial Lighting, is not Organic! A few years ago, the organic community was shocked to find out that the USDA’s National Organic Program was quietly allowing the certification of hydroponic operations despite the law! Organic regulations clearly state that nurturing the fertility of… Read more »

Take Action: Sign the Petition — It’s Time to Remove Carrageenan (Intestinal Inflammatory Agent/Carcinogen) from Organics!

[This alert is over – and we won! The National Organic Standards Board (NOSB) voted in November 2016 to remove carrageenan from the National List for use in organics. It will be some time before all organic products are carrageenan free. Until then consult Cornucopia’s buying guide.] The National Organic Standards Board (NOSB) will be voting… Read more »

USDA Weighing Approval for Non-browning GMO Apple

[This action alert is over.] Public Can Comment Until Midnight Monday, September 12 Source: Jerald Jackson The USDA is nearing approval of a third genetically engineered apple from Okanagan Specialty Fruits.  The company’s Fuji GMO apple is designed not to brown when sliced or exposed to air.  Any apple eater knows that an apple’s freshness… Read more »

Danone’s Acquisition of WhiteWave Foods Could Harm Ethical Dairy Farmers and Consumers

[This alert is over, and we won!]  Don’t Let Giant Corporations and Factory Farms Corrupt Organics! French dairy giant Groupe Danone (Dannon in the U.S.) has announced the proposed acquisition of WhiteWave Foods for approximately $10 billion. The deal would combine the Danone-owned and world’s largest organic yogurt brand Stonyfield with Wallaby, a rapidly growing yogurt… Read more »