GMOs: The One Thing You Can Do While Obama Considers Vetoing Non-Labeling Legislation

This alert is over. [Read the letters calling for a presidential veto below.] Source: DonkeyHotey President Obama has yet to sign the toothless GMO food labeling bill passed by Congress.  If you already called the President, or signed one of the “unofficial” petitions, urging him to veto the bill you still have one more chance… Read more »

Call the White House: Urge President Obama to Veto the DARK Act

This alert is over. Despite an outpouring of letters, calls and protests, both the Senate and House have caved to Monsanto and biotech interests, passing legislation that will deny Americans the right to know what is in in their food products. This toothless compromise will preempt states’ rights to create their own genetically engineered food labeling… Read more »

Act Today to Protect Your Food Independence!

This action alert is over. Phony-Baloney Senate GMO Labeling Sell-out in the Works Source: Martin Cathrae This Wednesday afternoon, the U.S. Senate is set to vote on a horrible compromise bill on GMO food labeling.  The bill is a gift to Monsanto and the biotech industry.  Please contact your Senators ASAP (find your senators here)… Read more »

Take Action to Oppose the Senate’s Killing of Organic Animal Welfare Regulations

This alert is over. Outcome: The Senate Appropriations Committee decided on report language instead of a rider. The report language is an advisory statement, whereas the rider would have been a mandate. Here is the report language: Organic Livestock Proposed Rule. – The Committee is aware that USDA released a proposed rule on April 7,… Read more »

Stop the USDA Political Bureaucrats and Corporate Lobbyists from Hijacking the Independence of the National Organic Standards Board

This Action Alert is over. [See Cornucopia’s comprehensive analysis, including a side-by-side comparison of the new draft and existing PPM] Act by 11:59 PM (Eastern) this Thursday, April 14 Fall 2015 NOSB Meeting Tell NOSB members to table changes to their policy and procedures manual (PPM) The National Organic Standard Board’s (NOSB) Policy and Procedures Manual (PPM) was… Read more »

SIGN THE PROXY LETTER: Remove Current USDA Organic Management

This alert is over. Miles McEvoy has resigned as head of the National Organic Program, effective September 30, 2017. [Read the cover letter accompanying Cornucopia’s first package of 5,000 proxies to USDA Secretary Vilsack requesting Miles McEvoy’s removal.] Illegal Power Grab Greasing the Skids for “Organic” Factory Farming and Potentially Contaminated/Fraudulent Imports Make no mistake about… Read more »

Close the Loophole Allowing Conventional Cows on Organic Farms

The comment period is closed. [UPDATED] Comment by July 27 Origin of Livestock – Proposed Rule One of Aurora’s “organic” dairies, each managing many thousands of cows (producing private label milk for Walmart, Costco, Target and others) In April 2010, the USDA National Organic Program’s new director, Miles McEvoy, promised that releasing a tightened set… Read more »