(ALERT OVER) – Urge the NOSB to Remove Soy Lecithin from the National List

Little-known food ingredient takes center stage in precedent-setting vote Public Comments due Monday, November 3rd Take a look at the bar of organic chocolate in your desk drawer or the carton of organic ice cream in your freezer, and you’ll likely see a little-known but very common food ingredient: lecithin. Unless the ingredients list specifically… Read more »

Infant Formula Warning Labels Needed: Take Action

Infant Formula Warning Labels Needed “How traumatic for my child to have to experience a time that should be of comfort and closeness to me, to be so disturbing and painful,” a mother wrote to the FDA. Her 4-month old infant daughter experienced severe gastrointestinal distress and stomach cramping from infant formula supplemented with DHA… Read more »

(ALERT OVER) – Protect Fresh Leafy Greens and Family Farms

Federal Regulations Would Harm Sustainable Farmers and Biodiversity We need your help in another battle to stop the slippery slope toward a sterilized and industrialized food system that threatens biodiversity and the very existence of family-scale farms that grow food in a safe, healthy, and environmentally sustainable way. In response to the E. coli 0157… Read more »

(ALERT OVER) – Sow The Seeds Flood Relief Fund Designated to Help Midwest Farmers

Wisconsin, Minnesota and Iowa Food Co-ops Join Efforts for Farm Flood Victims Margaret Bert, Director of Communications Outpost Natural Foods Cooperative Milwaukee, WI: The remnants of tropical storm Erin and the ensuing Midwest summer floods have literally washed away the harvest for many family farmers living and farming in the Kickapoo River basin and other… Read more »

(ALERT OVER) – Act Now on the Farm and Food Bill

The House is expected to vote on the Farm Bill on Thursday, July 26. Please call your representative immediately to express your support for these key important items: Urge your representative to support Country of Origin Labeling (COOL), to reject any attempts to weaken or further delay COOL, or to make it voluntary; and to… Read more »

Raw Almonds: USDA and Agribusiness Conspire to Mislead Consumers

[This Action Alert is Over] “Raw” Almonds Must Soon be Steam-Heated or Treated with Toxic Chemical CORNUCOPIA, WI: Small-scale farmers, retailers, and consumers are outraged over a new federal regulation that will require all almonds grown in California to be sterilized with various “pasteurization” techniques. The rule, which the USDA quietly developed in response to… Read more »

(ALERT OVER) – Tell the FDA No to Cloned Animals

The Food and Drug Administration has given preliminary approval to the use of cloned animals for food. According to the agency’s chief of veterinary medicine, milk and meat from cloned cows, pigs and goats, and from their offspring, are as safe to eat as the food we eat every day. Consumers and the public now… Read more »

(ALERT OVER) – Urge USDA to Protect Poultry Farmers From Avian Flu

The current government approach to avian influenza is flawed. The Cornucopia Institute has joined a broad coalition of stakeholder groups that are calling on USDA to change its plan for responding to a potential U.S. outbreak of bird flu. The coalition represents consumers, organic, minority and family farmers, ranchers, animal welfare advocates, contract poultry growers,… Read more »