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GMOs: The One Thing You Can Do While Obama Considers Vetoing Non-Labeling Legislation

Tuesday, July 19th, 2016

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[Read the letters calling for a presidential veto below.]

Veto DonkeyHotey
Source: DonkeyHotey

President Obama has yet to sign the toothless GMO food labeling bill passed by Congress.  If you already called the President, or signed one of the “unofficial” petitions, urging him to veto the bill you still have one more chance to influence him.  Please sign the official We the People petition to the White House today urging President Obama to veto this bill.

Since Friday, pressure has been mounting for a veto.  These include:

  • A letter from the National Organic Coalition (including Cornucopia) calling for a veto.
  • A letter from 286 groups and organizations (including Cornucopia) urging a veto.
  • A letter from Jesse Jackson and Rainbow/Push asking for a veto.
  • More than 200,000 names (maybe including yours) on the other organizations’ petitions calling for a veto.

Act today.  Make sure the President knows that you want him to veto the toothless GMO food labeling bill.  If we get this up to 100,000 signatories, the president has committed to respond. Let’s put him on the spot!

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We need about 30,000 more folks immediately! Please sign the White House petition before he signs the agribusiness/biotechnology-friendly legislation that does away with our ability to choose our food.

Call the White House: Urge President Obama to Veto the DARK Act

Thursday, July 14th, 2016

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Despite an outpouring of letters, calls and protests, both the Senate and House have caved to Monsanto and biotech interests, passing legislation that will deny Americans the right to know what is in in their food products. This toothless compromise will preempt states’ rights to create their own genetically engineered food labeling laws and instead lead to a deeply flawed labeling system, riddled with loopholes, that will not require on package labeling.

The White House
Source: Christian Bradford
  • Please call the White House at 202-456-1111 and urge President Obama to veto this bill. You can email and tweet the President, too.
  • Sign the “We the People” petition to President Obama urging him to veto the DARK Act now!

Thank you for taking action to protect American’s right to know about the ingredients in the food we eat! Read Full Article »

Act Today to Protect Your Food Independence!

Tuesday, July 5th, 2016

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Phony-Baloney Senate GMO Labeling Sell-out in the Works

Source: Martin Cathrae

This Wednesday afternoon, the U.S. Senate is set to vote on a horrible compromise bill on GMO food labeling.  The bill is a gift to Monsanto and the biotech industry.  Please contact your Senators ASAP (find your senators here) and ask them to reject the Stabenow-Roberts compromise.  The compromise bill would:

  • Take away the rights of states to label GMO foods and seeds.
  • Allow the USDA two years to come up with a federal labeling system that will rely on bar codes and smartphones for finding information (nothing on the package label about GMO content), something that will deny up to 100 million Americans access to the information and even then potentially route you to company websites to play hide and seek and search for ingredient information.
  • Not cover most GMO foods, according to a critical FDA analysis.
  • Establish no enforcement mechanism, or penalties for violations, for non-compliance with the law.
  • Prohibit the Secretary of Agriculture from labeling as GMOs any food product derived from animals eating GMO feed.

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New Animal Welfare Rules Could Harm Family-Scale Dairy Farmers

Tuesday, May 31st, 2016

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Broilers, Layer Standards Could Lock-in Favorable Treatment for Factory Farms
Comments due by July 13 [Extended from June 13]

One of the reasons consumers are willing to pay premium prices for organic milk, meat, and eggs is because they think animals are cared for in a more humane manner. Rules have to be balanced between promoting important animal welfare ideals and protecting ethical farmers’ ability to produce superior food.

Delta Egg in Chase, Kansas,
100,000-hens per building, none outdoors.
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The draft animal welfare standards that the USDA just released are a hodgepodge of regulations. Some are well-taken, others are so restrictive that it will make it impossible for dairy farmers, as an example, to manage their cattle in a humane and sanitary manner. Still other changes favor the corporate sector in industrial livestock production — officially legalizing factory farm egg and poultry practices.

Please send your comments to the USDA today, telling them you support The Cornucopia Institute’s comprehensive comments to protect the interest of family-scale farmers and consumers who want authentic organic food. Read Full Article »

Take Action to Oppose the Senate’s Killing of Organic Animal Welfare Regulations

Tuesday, May 17th, 2016

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Outcome: The Senate Appropriations Committee decided on report language instead of a rider. The report language is an advisory statement, whereas the rider would have been a mandate.
Here is the report language:

Organic Livestock Proposed Rule. – The Committee is aware that USDA released a proposed rule on April 7, 2016, titled “National Organic Program:  Organic Livestock and Poultry Practices.”  The Committee directs the Secretary to ensure that all comments are taken into consideration, including those from producers adversely impacted by the proposal’s new compliance requirements, when finalizing the proposed rule.

Don’t Let Congress Undermine the Integrity of the Organic Rulemaking Process

When the organic industry’s most aggressive watchdog, The Cornucopia Institute, and the corporate lobby group, the Organic Trade Association (OTA), both agree on an issue we hope members of the organic community will take note.

Source: Sam Carpenter

This Thursday, the Senate Appropriations Committee has scheduled a vote to block the USDA’s proposed animal welfare rule on organic livestock and poultry practices.  Cornucopia, the OTA and many other organizations in the organic community oppose this vote.

Although Cornucopia does not support the proposed animal welfare rule as written, and is recommending substantive changes, it is entirely inappropriate for congressional leadership in both parties, influenced by agribusiness lobbyists, to hijack organic rulemaking. This sets a terrible precedent. Read Full Article »