Organic Egg Scorecard

Updated September, 2019
Brand NameRatingOutdoor AccessMarket AreaScore
5-Egg Rating | Top RatedProducers in this top tier go “beyond organic” managing their diverse family-scale farms. They raise their hens in mobile housing on well-managed, ample pasture or in fixed housing with intensively managed rotated pasture. They sell eggs under their farm’s brand name, mostly through farmers markets, food cooperatives and/or independently owned grocery stores and sometimes through larger chains.
TreeBird OrganicsTruly PasturedWA, OR2515
Eben-Haezer's Happy HensTruly PasturedCA2500
Stueve's Certified OrganicTruly PasturedCA2495
Kingbird FarmTruly PasturedNY2485
Common Good FarmTruly PasturedNE2480
PNS FarmsEnhanced Outdoor AccessFL2470
Skagit River RanchTruly PasturedWA2450
Eight Mile Creek FarmEnhanced Outdoor AccessNY2445
Clean Food FarmTruly PasturedWA2435
World's Best EggsTruly PasturedTX, OK, AR, LA2430
Mosel EggsEnhanced Outdoor AccessNE2410
Pasture FreshTruly PasturedNorthern CA2405
Bee Heaven/Rachel's EggsTruly PasturedFL2400
Crown S RanchTruly PasturedWA2390
Niki FarmsEnhanced Outdoor AccessCA2385
Nick's OrganicTruly PasturedMD2380
Alexandre KidsTruly PasturedCA2375
Happy Chick FarmEnhanced Outdoor AccessTX2370
Doolittle FarmTruly PasturedVT2360
Pin Oak PlaceStandard USDA ProtocolNE, IA2345
Burroughs Family FarmTruly PasturedCA2335
Happy Town FarmME2335
Village FarmTruly PasturedME2335
Apple CreekTruly PasturedME2330
Misty Meadows FarmEnhanced Outdoor AccessWA2320
Dream FarmTruly PasturedWI2290
Mission MountainEnhanced Outdoor AccessNationwide2270
Turtle Ledge FarmEnhanced Outdoor AccessCT2265
Hoover RanchTruly PasturedWest Coast2265
Farm and WildernessEnhanced Outdoor AccessVT2255
4-Egg Rating | ExcellentProducers in this category provide ample outdoor space and make an effort to encourage their birds to go outside. They provide an excellent outdoor environment, often either rotated pasture or well-managed outdoor runs, with an adequate number of doors for the chickens to reach the outdoors.
Shenandoah Family Farms CooperativeTruly PasturedMid-Atlantic2240
Vital Farms/Pasture VerdeEnhanced Outdoor AccessNationwide2220
Pasture PatternsEnhanced Outdoor AccessWI2210
Great Valley Pastured EggsTruly PasturedCA2170
Deck Family FarmTruly PasturedOR2095
Oliver's Organic EggsEnhanced Outdoor AccessNY2065
Hidden CampStandard USDA ProtocolNY2065
Handsome Brook FarmEnhanced Outdoor AccessNY2060
Nature's YokeEnhanced Outdoor AccessEast Coast2050
New CenturyStandard USDA ProtocolWI2030
Mary's Organic EggsTruly PasturedCA2030
The Happy Egg Co.Standard USDA ProtocolNationwide2025
Schultz's EggsStandard USDA ProtocolMidwest2025
Farmers Hen HouseStandard USDA ProtocolNationwide2005
3-Egg Rating | Very GoodEggs from brands in this category either come from family-scale farms that provide outdoor runs for their chickens or from larger-scale farms where meaningful outdoor space is either granted or under construction. All producers in this category appear committed to meeting organic standards for minimum outdoor space for laying hens.
These Came FirstStandard USDA ProtocolWestern U.S.1985
StiebrsStandard USDA ProtocolWestern U.S.1975
Great Valley Organic EggsStandard USDA ProtocolLocal farmers' markets1950
Giving NatureStandard USDA ProtocolMid-Atlantic1945
Blue Sky Family FarmsStandard USDA ProtocolMidwest, Northeast, Mid-Atlantic1925
Pete and Gerry'sStandard USDA ProtocolNortheast1915
Milo's OrganicStandard USDA ProtocolWI, IL1910
Carol'sStandard USDA ProtocolNortheast1905
Lancaster FarmsStandard USDA ProtocolMid-Atlantic1890
Wilcox FarmsStandard USDA ProtocolWestern U.S.1885
Green Pastures Poultry FarmStandard USDA ProtocolWI1820
Alderfer EggsStandard USDA ProtocolEast Coast1815
2-Egg Rating | FairThese are either industrial-scale operations or others with outstanding questions or concerns regarding their compliance with USDA organic regulations. One of the primary features that distinguishes these operations from the ethically deficient 1-Egg brands is their willingness to share with their customers (and Cornucopia researchers) some of the details as to how their chickens are cared for and how their eggs are actually produced.
Green Field FarmsStandard USDA ProtocolOH1740
Organic ValleyConfinement/UnknownNationwide1505
Clover SonomaStandard USDA ProtocolWest Coast1265
The Country HenConfinement/UnknownNew England, Mid-Atlantic1185
1-Egg Rating | PoorBrands with a 1-Egg Rating are generally produced on industrial-scale operations that grant no meaningful outdoor access and/or are marketed under "private label" or store brands. “Outdoor access” on these operations often means a covered concrete porch that is barely accessible to the chickens. Means of egress from the buildings are intentionally small to discourage birds from going outside. No producers in this category were willing to participate in Cornucopia research. This is disturbing to many organic consumers, since transparency has always been viewed as a hallmark of the organic food movement.Private‐label, or store‐brand, eggs rated with 1-Egg are sold by grocers or distributors who have the obvious desire of wanting to grow their presence in the organic marketplace. Unfortunately, there is an inherent limitation in private‐label organic products: organic consumers tend to want to know where their food is coming from and how it is produced, and private‐label products are anonymous by their very nature. Our research indicates that the vast majority of organic eggs for private label brands are produced on industrial farms that house hundreds of thousands of birds and do not grant the birds meaningful outdoor access.
Country CreekConfinement/UnknownNationwide0
365 OrganicConfinement/UnknownNationwide0
Tree of LifeConfinement/Unknown0
Circle JD RanchConfinement/Unknown0
Roundy's OrganicsConfinement/UnknownWI0
Price Chopper NaturalsConfinement/UnknownNationwide0
Fresh and EasyConfinement/Unknown0
M and M Organic FarmsConfinement/Unknown0
Great ValueConfinement/UnknownNationwide0
Kreher's EggsConfinement/Unknown0
Fresh MarketConfinement/Unknown0
Pearl Valley Specialty EggsConfinement/Unknown0
Naturally OrganicConfinement/UnknownNationwide0
Fairfield Specialty EggsConfinement/Unknown0
Meijer OrganicsConfinement/Unknown0
Mud Run FarmConfinement/Unknown0
Horizon OrganicConfinement/Unknown0
Clearly OrganicConfinement/Unknown0
Esbenshade FarmsConfinement/Unknown0
Kirkland SignatureConfinement/UnknownNationwide0
Hillandale FarmsConfinement/UnknownEastern U.S.0
Jake's Happy HensConfinement/Unknown0
Stew Leonard'sConfinement/UnknownNY & CT0
Braswell FoodsConfinement/Unknown0
Barnstar Family FarmsConfinement/UnknownNationwide0
Rock Hill Foods (formerly Arkansas Egg Company)Confinement/Unknown0
Fulton Valley FarmsConfinement/Unknown0
Trader Joe'sConfinement/UnknownNationwide0
Archer FarmsConfinement/UnknownNationwide0
Glaum Egg RanchConfinement/UnknownWest Coast0
Land O'LakesConfinement/UnknownNationwide0
Mountainside FarmsConfinement/Unknown0
Sun ValleyConfinement/UnknownCalifornia0
Gemperle Family FarmsConfinement/Unknown0
Farmer's HenConfinement/Unknown0
Hidden Villa RanchConfinement/Unknown0
Farmhouse EggsConfinement/Unknown0
Nature's PromiseConfinement/Unknown0
Judy's Family FarmConfinement/UnknownWest Coast0
Simply BalancedConfinement/UnknownNationwide0
Green WayConfinement/Unknown0
Springwood FarmConfinement/Unknown0
Smith BrothersConfinement/Unknown0
Rocky Mountain EggsConfinement/Unknown0
Great DayConfinement/Unknown0
Natural DirectionsConfinement/UnknownNationwide0
Nest Fresh EggsConfinement/UnknownWestern U.S.0
S and R FarmsConfinement/Unknown0
Harvest Farms OrganicConfinement/Unknown0
Nature's PlaceConfinement/Unknown0
Alta DenaConfinement/UnknownNationwide0
Full CircleConfinement/Unknown0
Harris Teeter NaturalsConfinement/UnknownSoutheast0
Eggland's BestConfinement/UnknownNationwide0
Palouse PoultryConfinement/Unknown0
Simply NatureConfinement/Unknown0
Chino Valley RanchersConfinement/UnknownWest, South, Midwest0
Herbruck Poultry RanchConfinement/UnknownNationwide0
Owl CanyonConfinement/Unknown0
Vega FarmsConfinement/Unknown0
Willamette FarmsConfinement/Unknown0
Wellsley FarmsConfinement/UnknownNortheast0
Nature's BasketConfinement/Unknown0
Latta Family FarmConfinement/Unknown0
Say Hay FarmsConfinement/Unknown0
Wild HarvestConfinement/UnknownNationwide0
Simple TruthConfinement/UnknownNationwide0
O OrganicsConfinement/UnknownNationwide0
Eagle Springs OrganicsConfinement/Unknown0
Balducci'sConfinement/UnknownNew York area0
Kings Food MarketsConfinement/Unknown0
Born FreeConfinement/Unknown0
HEB Grocery CompanyConfinement/UnknownTX0
Fairway MarketConfinement/Unknown0
Smart and FinalConfinement/UnknownWestern US0
Earth's PrideConfinement/Unknown0
Farmer's HarvestConfinement/UnknownSouth, Midwest0
Hickman's Family FarmConfinement/Unknown0
Earth FareConfinement/Unknown0
Oakdell Egg FarmsConfinement/Unknown0
Natural GrocersConfinement/Unknown0
Lunds and Byerly'sConfinement/Unknown0
Nearby EggsConfinement/Unknown0
Sprouts MarketConfinement/Unknown0