USDA Feels the Heat in Response to Organic Pasture Controversy

CORNUCOPIA, WISCONSIN:The USDA’s National Organic Program immediately responded to sharp criticism from the organic community alleging that, through complacency, they were allowing large factory farms to produce organic milk while skirting the legal requirement that the cows have access to pasture as a fundamental part of their feed source.The NOP late Monday, January 10, issued… Read more »

The Cornucopia Institute Alleges Factory Farms Violating Federal Organic Law

CORNUCOPIA, WISCONSIN: The Cornucopia Institute, today, filed a formal complaint with the USDA’s National Organic Program asking them to initiate an investigation into alleged violations of the federal organic law by a factory farm operating in Colorado. At issue is whether it is legal to confine cows in an industrial setting, without access to pasture,… Read more »

Organic: Corporate Control/Corporate Ownership Tracking the Shifting Sands of the Organic Industry

By Mark Kastel A thought-provoking question came in from an astute observer of the natural foods industry regarding my article in the July/August Cooperative Grocer: “Reclaiming the True Meaning of Organic.” She wanted to know about some of the corporate ownership stakes in familiar organic brands. Are megacorporations, including Heinz, General Foods, Dean, Campbell’s, and… Read more »

USDA Secretary Veneman Pulls Organic Food Directives But Major Program Reform Still Needed

At a news conference this morning USDA Secretary Ann Veneman announced that the agency is withdrawing its recent policy directives clarifying certain organic food production standards. The move comes amidst a rising tide of criticism from organic food producers, consumers and marketers who viewed the directives as a weakening of federal standards and an attack… Read more »