Dean/Horizon’s $10 Million Gamble

Organic Farming by Press Release? FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Mark Kastel, 608-625-2000, kastel(at) Harry Lewis, 903-885-9150 CORNUCOPIA: Dean Foods, the $11 billion giant that controls the leading market position in conventional milk, is taking a controversial and risky gamble by attempting to turn their 4000 cow plus confinement dairy, in the desert-like West, into what… Read more »

Cornucopia Institute Requests Full USDA Investigation of Aurora Dairy

Improprieties Alleged at Organic Factory Farm in Colorado For More Information, Contact: Mark Kastel, 608-625-2000 CORNUCOPIA, WISCONSIN: The Cornucopia Institute has filed a formal legal complaint with the USDA requesting a full investigation into allegations of multiple violations of federal organic regulations at the nation’s largest organic dairy. The Aurora Organic Dairy, located in Colorado… Read more »

Over 100 Groups and Businesses Ask Agriculture Secretary Johanns to Intervene on Pasture Issue

More than 100 groups and businesses have jointly signed a letter to USDA Secretary Mike Johanns asking him to intervene on the organic pasture issue. Those signing the letter represent a range of organic businesses and food cooperatives as well as farm, consumer, animal rights, social justice and environmental organizations. Another 50 individual signers, mostly… Read more »

USDA Secretary Asked to Clean Up Organic Mess

WASHINGTON DC: A letter addressed to USDA Secretary Mike Johanns, from The Cornucopia Institute, today asked the Secretary to personally intervene in rebuilding the once promising collaborative environment that existed between the organic community and its regulators. In its letter, the Cornucopia Institute called the current working relationship between the USDA’s National Organic Program (NOP)… Read more »

Groups Endorse Organic Pasture Guidance

NOSB Adopts Guidance Policy at August 16 Meeting Twenty-nine groups and organizations have endorsed the proposed pasture guidance document for dairy cows and other ruminants and have urged the National Organics Standards Board (NOSB) to adopt it at its August 15-17 meeting in Washington, D.C . On August 16, the NOSB concurred with that advice… Read more »

Cornucopia Shares Pasture Survey Results With NOSB

To: National Organic Standards Board c/o Arthur Neil Room 4008–South Building 1400 Independence Avenue SW Washington, DC, 20250-0001 From: The Cornucopia Institute Re: Support of the NOSB’s draft pasture guidance document Date: May 20, 2005 Dear NOSB Members, On behalf of The Cornucopia Institute, our Board of Directors, staff, and members, I want to take… Read more »

Organic Community Sends Clear Signal to “Renegade” Factory Farms

WASHINGTON, DC: Organic dairy farmers from throughout the country descended on the nation’s capital last week in a show of solidarity requesting a USDA crackdown on large industrial dairy farms producing “organic” milk. The farmers present, along with over 8000 submitted comments from consumers and other organic producers, prompted the USDA’s National Organic Standards Board… Read more »

Dean/Horizon Feedlot Dairy Accused of Masquerading as an Organic Farm

CORNUCOPIA, WISCONSIN: The Cornucopia Institute filed two formal complaints today with the USDA’s Office of Compliance asking them to initiate investigations into alleged violations of the federal organic law by factory farms operating in Idaho and California. At issue are fundamental organic livestock management practices that require ruminants, including dairy cows, to consume a significant… Read more »

Organic Manure Hits the Fan in Washington

CORNUCOPIA, WISCONSIN: The Cornucopia Institute, on January 10th, filed a formal complaint with the USDA’s National Organic Program asking them to initiate an investigation into alleged violations of the federal organic law by a factory farm operating in Colorado. At issue is whether it is legal to confine cows in an industrial setting, without access… Read more »