Company: Twin Oaks Farm
Market Area: Florida
Location: Bonifay, FL
Web site:
Phone: 850-547-5636

They write: Twin Oaks Farm is a 94-acre certified organic farm located in Holmes County, Florida. We raise chickens and ducks for eggs and meat, the old-fashioned way. They roam freely on pastures, and grass, bugs and sunshine are part of their diet. We supplement with a certified organic mix of real grains, NO soy, we are 100% soy free farm. We use movable coops where our chickens lay their eggs. At night we close the coops to keep them safe from predators, we also have a whole crew of donkeys patrolling the pastures. Our chickens share their pasture with a herd of Gulf Coast Sheep and our signature Large Black Hogs: Cochon Noir de Bonifay. To complete our biodiversity, we also raise bees at our apiary.

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