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Mexico and Monsanto: Taking Precaution in the Face of Genetic Contamination

FoodTank by Timothy A. Wise Credit: Keith Weller, USDA To listen to the current debates over the controversial requests by Monsanto and other biotech giants to grow genetically modified (GM) maize in Mexico, you’d think the danger to the country’s rich biodiversity in maize was hypothetical. It is anything but. Studies have found the presence of… Read more »

Op-Ed: Genetically Modified Crops Are Not the Answer

The Hill (link no longer available) By Dr. Hans Herren and Dr. Marcia Ishii-Eiteman The Senate is considering a bill that would overhaul the way Americans deliver foreign aid. With more people going hungry than ever before, the bill’s attention to global hunger could not come at a better time. The Global Food Security Act would… Read more »

Suspicious Organic Grain Shipment Intercepted at U.S. Port

UPDATE: Interim Victory for Organic Farmers A federal judge has denied Sunrise Food International, Inc.’s request that it be allowed to immediately unload 25,000 metric tons of what is purportedly “organic” corn currently stranded off the shore of California. Sunrise asked the court to issue an emergency order allowing it to dock and unload the… Read more »

New Go-To Career for New England’s Young: Farming

AP by Jennifer McDermott Credit: USDA, Ed Ragland CRANSTON, R.I. (AP) — Farming is hip in New England. Across the region, young people are choosing crops over cubicles, new farms are popping up and the local food movement is spreading. Farmers and industry experts agree New England is bucking a trend toward larger, but fewer,… Read more »

GM Maize ‘Has Polluted Rivers Across the United States’ By Steve Connor, Science Editor An insecticide used in genetically modified (GM) crops grown extensively in the United States and other parts of the world has leached into the water of the surrounding environment. The insecticide is the product of a bacterial gene inserted into GM maize and other cereal crops to protect them… Read more »

Follow Cornucopia’s Fall 2022 NOSB Coverage


Join The Cornucopia Institute as we keep you informed via web updates and live tweets from the National Organic Standards Board (NOSB) meeting online. We will be sharing the play by play of the meeting on October 25, 26, and 27 below and with our Twitter followers at #NOSB or by simply following our stream…. Read more »

EU Freezes Approval of GM Crops to 2014 Brussels: The European Commission has decided to freeze the approval process for genetically modified food crops through the end of its mandate next year while it works towards an agreement with EU member states. “The Commission, if it wants, could launch a procedure to authorise the farming of one GM soya and six corn… Read more »

The Impact of Transnational “Big Food” Companies on the South: A View from Brazil

This article was commissioned for the PLoS Medicine series on Big Food that examines the activities and influence of the food and beverage industry in the health arena. PLoS Medicine By Carlos A. Monteirol, Geoffrey Cannon Introduction Throughout human history, traditional food systems and dietary patterns have been intrinsic to social, cultural, and economic life,… Read more »

The Lengthy History of GE Salmon in the U.S.

Cornucopia’s Take: Genetically engineered salmon were first bred over 25 years ago, and public opinion has played a major role in their not receiving regulatory approval for sale in the U.S. Tribes in the Pacific Northwest that rely on wild salmon for fishing and as an important piece of their cultural heritage have joined a… Read more »

The Battlefront in the Front Yard

New York Times By Steven Kurutz JASON HELVENSTON was at work on his second crop, spreading compost to fertilize the carrots, bok choy, kale and dozens of other vegetables he grows organically on his property in Orlando, Fla., when the trouble began. Mr. Helvenston spent last Super Bowl Sunday planting the garden outside his 1940s… Read more »