Brand NameRatingOrganicPlant BaseScore
5-Plant RatingTop-rated plant-based beverages. Organic with few or no additives.
Malk Cashew, Organic, UnsweetenedYesCashew1850
EdenSoy, Organic, UnsweetenedYesSoy1850
Three Trees Almond, Organic, Unsweetened VanillaYesAlmond1850
Three Trees Almond, Organic, UnsweetenedYesAlmond1850
Malk Almond, Organic, UnsweetenedYesAlmond1850
WestSoy, Organic, UnsweetenedYesSoy1805
Native Forest Coconut, OrganicYesCoconut1800
New Barn Almond, Organic, UnsweetenedYesAlmond1800
Pacific Foods Soy, Organic, UnsweetenedYesSoy1790
Trader Joe's Soymilk, Organic, UnsweetenedYesSoy1770
Malk Almond, Organic, Unsweetened VanillaYesAlmond1750
Forager Coconut/Cashew, Organic, UnsweetenedYesBlend1600
Sunrise Soy, Organic, SweetenedYesSoy1600
Sunrise Soy, Organic, UnsweetenedYesSoy1600
Forager Cashew, Organic, OriginalYesCashew1600
Forager Cashew, Organic, UnsweetenedYesCashew1600
WestSoy, Organic, OriginalYesSoy1555
New Barn Almond, Organic, OriginalYesAlmond1550
EdenSoy, Organic, CarobYesSoy1550
EdenSoy Original, Organic, FortifiedYesSoy1550
Beber Almond, PureYesAlmond1550
EdenSoy, Organic, OriginalYesSoy1550
New Barn Almond, Organic, Unsweetened VanillaYesAlmond1550
Native Forest Coconut Light, OrganicYesCoconut1550
Califia Farms Almond, “Homestyle”, Certified OrganicYesAlmond1525
Califia Farms Coconut, “Homestyle” OrganicYesCashew1525
Califia Farms Cashew, “Homestyle”, OrganicYesCashew1525
Mooala Chocolate Banana, OrganicYesBanana1500
Forager Coconut/Cashew, Organic, Unsweetened VanillaYesBlend1500
Mooala Banana, OrganicYesBanana1500
Tofu Shop Soy, ChocolateYesSoy1500
EdenSoy Organic CocoaYesSoy1500
Mooala Strawberry Bananamilk, OrganicYesBanana1500
Kirkland Rice, OrganicYesRice1500
Malk Maple Pecan, OrganicYesPecan1500
Mooala Almond, OrganicYesAlmond1500
Mooala Almond, Organic, VanillaYesAlmond1500
365 Coconut Lite, OrganicYesCocount1500
4-Plant RatingHigher-rated plant-based beverages. Organic with some additives.
Nature's Place Coconut, Organic, UnsweetenedYesCoconut1470
Nature's Place Coconut Lite, OrganicYesCoconut1470
WestSoy, Organic, Unsweetened VanillaYesSoy1455
365 Soy Milk, Organic, Unsweetened OriginalYesSoy1450
Tofu Shop Soy, Natural UnflavoredYesSoy1450
EdenSoy, Organic, Vanilla, FortifiedYesSoy1450
Natural By Nature Oat, Organic, UnsweetendYesOat1450
Pacific Foods Oat, Organic, OriginalYesOat1440
Pacific Foods Almond, Organic, VanillaYesAlmond1440
Pacific Foods Almond, Organic, ChocolateYesAlmond1440
Pacific Foods Almond, Organic, Unsweetened VanillaYesAlmond1440
Pacific Foods Almond, Organic, Unsweetened OriginalYesAlmond1440
Pacific Foods Almond, Organic, OriginalYesAlmond1440
Dream Rice, Organic, OriginalYesRice1430
Dream Rice, Organic, Original EnrichedYesRice1430
Trader Joe's Rice, OrganicYesRice1420
Orgain Almond, Organic, Unsweetened VanillaYesAlmond1400
SimplyNature Almond, Organic, UnsweetenedYesAlmond1400
Orgain Almond, Organic, Lightly Sweetened VanillaYesAlmond1400
Cadia Almond, Organic, VanillaYesAlmond1400
Kirkland Almond, Organic, Unsweetened VanillaYesAlmond1400
365 Almond, Organic, Unsweetened VanillaYesAlmond1400
Cadia Almond, OrganicYesAlmond1400
Natur-a Soy, Organic, UnsweetenedYesSoy1400
O Organics Almond, Organic, UnsweetenedYesAlmond1400
O Organics Almond, Organic, Unsweetened VanillaYesAlmond1400
O Organics Almond, VanillaYesAlmond1400
Nature's Promise Soy, Organic, VanillaYesSoy1390
Simple Truth Almond, Organic, Unsweetened VanillaYesAlmond1360
365 Almond, Organic, UnsweetenedYesAlmond1350
365 Soy Milk, Organic, VanillaYesSoy1350
So Delicious Coconut, Organic, OriginalYesCoconut1350
Natural By Nature Oat, Organic, VanillaYesOat1350
So Delicious Coconut, Organic, UnsweetenedYesCoconut1350
So Delicious Almond, Organic, UnsweetenedYesAlmond1350
So Delicious Almond, Organic, OriginalYesAlmond1350
EdenSoy, Organic, VanillaYesSoy1350
365 Almond, Organic, VanillaYesAlmond1350
Pacific Foods Coconut, Organic, Unsweetened VanillaYesCoconut1340
Pacific Foods Coconut, Organic, UnsweetenedYesCoconut1340
Pacific Foods Coconut, Organic, OriginalYesCoconut1340
Pacific Foods Oat, Organic, VanillaYesOat1340
Nature's Place Soy, Organic, PlainYesSoy1320
Simple Truth Soy, Organic, UnsweetenedYesSoy1310
Full Circle Almond, Organic, UnsweetenedYesAlmond1310
Simple Truth Almond, Organic, ChocolateYesAlmond1310
Silk Soymilk, Organic, VanillaYesSoy1310
Simple Truth Almond, OrganicYesAlmond1310
Silk Soymilk, Organic, UnsweetenedYesSoy1310
Silk Almond, OrganicYesAlmond1310
Natur-a Soy, Organic, Vanilla LightYesSoy1300
Pearl Soymilk, Organic, Creamy VanillaYesSoy1300
Pearl Soymilk, Organic, CoffeeYesSoy1300
So Delicious Coconut, Organic, VanillaYesCoconut1300
BRAT Rice, Organic, VanillaYesRice1300
Pearl Soymilk, Organic, ChocolateYesSoy1300
Pearl Soymilk, Organic, OriginalYesSoy1300
BRAT Rice, Organic, Chocolate HoneyYesRice1300
Pearl Soymilk, Organic, Green TeaYesSoy1300
BRAT Rice, OrganicYesRice1300
Dream Blend, Rice & Quinoa, Organic, OriginalYesBlend1280
Dream Blend, Rice & Quinoa, Organic, UnsweetenedYesBlend1280
So Delicious Almond, Organic, VanillaYesAlmond1250
O Organics Soy, Organic, Light VanillaYesSoy1250
O Organics Soy, Organic, Light PlainYesSoy1250
Kirkland Soy, Organic, VanillaYesSoy1250
GreenWise Soymilk, Organic, VanillaYesSoy1250
Dream Soy, Organic, OriginalYesSoy1230
Nature's Place Soy, Organic, VanillaYesSoy1220
Full Circle Soymilk, Organic, VanillaYesSoy1210
Wild Harvest Soy, Organic, ChocolateYesSoy1210
Natur-a Soy, Organic, Original LightYesSoy1200
Natur-a Soy, VanillaYesSoy1200
Natur-a Soy, OrganicYesSoy1200
Beber Almond, ChocolateYesAlmond1200
Sunrich Naturals Soy, OrganicYesSoy1200
Beber Almond, Honey VanillaYesAlmond1200
Beber Almond, LavenderYesAlmond1200
Natur-a Soy, Organic, CappuccinoYesSoy1200
Pearl Soymilk, Organic, UnsweetenedYesSoy1200
So Nice Soy, VanillaYesSoy1200
Natur-a Soy, Organic, StrawberryYesSoy1200
Natur-a Soy, Organic, Original ChocolateYesSoy1200
Nature's Promise Soy, Original, OrganicYesSoy1190
Natur-a Rice, OriginalYesRice1150
SimplyNature Soy, Organic, OriginalYesSoy1150
Wildwood Soy Organic, OriginalYesSoy1150
Wildwood Soy, Organic, UnsweetenedYesSoy1150
O Organics Soy, Organic, VanillaYesSoy1150
Wildwood Soy, Organic, Organic, VanillaYesSoy1150
O Organics Soy, Organic, PlainYesSoy1150
Kirkland Soy, OrganicYesSoy1150
Tofu Shop Soy, VanillaYesSoy1150
GreenWise Soymilk, Organic, PlainYesSoy1150
365 Soy Milk, Organic, Light VanillaYesSoy1150
Tofu Shop Soy, GingerYesSoy1150
3-Plant RatingMiddle-tier plant-based beverages. A mix of organic and conventional, with additives.
Pacific Foods Cashew, Made with Organic, UnsweetenedYesCashew1140
4-Plant RatingHigher-rated plant-based beverages. Organic with some additives.
Pacific Foods Soy, Select, VanillaYesSoy1140
3-Plant RatingMiddle-tier plant-based beverages. A mix of organic and conventional, with additives.
Pacific Foods Cashew, Made with Organic, Unsweetened VanillaYesCashew1140
Pacific Foods Cashew, Made with Organic, OriginalYesCashew1140
4-Plant RatingHigher-rated plant-based beverages. Organic with some additives.
Pacific Foods Soy, Select, OriginalYesSoy1140
Dream Soy, Organic, VanillaYesSoy1130
Simple Truth Soy, Organic, PlainYesSoy1110
Simple Truth Soy, Organic, VanillaYesSoy1110
Wild Harvest Soy, Organic, VanillaYesSoy1110
Wild Harvest Soy, Organic, OriginalYesSoy1110
Full Circle Soymilk, Organic, OriginalYesSoy1110
Simple Truth Soy, Organic, ChocolateYesSoy1110
Simple Truth Soy, Organic, Light VanillaYesSoy1110
3-Plant RatingMiddle-tier plant-based beverages. A mix of organic and conventional, with additives.
WestSoy, Organic Plus, PlainYesSoy1105
WestSoy, Organic Plus, VanillaYesSoy1105
So Nice Almond, VanillaYesAlmond1100
So Nice Almond/Coconut, UnsweetenedYesAlmond1100
So Nice Soy, OriginalYesSoy1100
So Nice Soy, UnsweetenedYesSoy1100
So Nice Almond, UnsweetenedYesAlmond1100
So Nice Almond, OriginalYesAlmond1100
Harris Teeter Soy, Organic, VanillaYesSoy1090
Nature's Promise Soy, Organic, UnsweetenedYesSoy1090
Dream Soy, Organic, Vanilla EnrichedYesSoy1080
Dream Soy, Organic, Original EnrichedYesSoy1080
Trader Joe's Soymilk, Organic, VanillaYesSoy1070
Sunrich Naturals Soy, Organic, ChocolateYesSoy1060
365 Rice, Organic, VanillaYesRice1050
Natur-a Rice, VanillaYesRice1050
President's Choice Almond, Organic, UnsweetenedYesAlmond1050
Sunrise Soy, Calcium PlusNoSoy1050
365 Rice, Organic, UnsweetenedYesRice1050
President's Choice Almond, Organic, Unsweetened VanillaYesAlmond1050
So Delicious Coconut, ChocolateYesCoconut1050
Sunrich Naturals Soy, Organic, VanillaYesSoy1050
Sunrise Soy, Café ExpertNoSoy1050
Dream Rice, Organic, Unsweetened EnrichedYesRice1030
Sunrise Soya Soy, UnsweetenedNoSoy1000
Harris Teeter Soy, Organic, OriginalYesSoy990
Dream Cashew, OriginalYesCashew980
Dream Cashew, UnsweetenedYesCashew980
WestSoy, Low Fat, PlainNoSoy955
Dream Rice, Organic, Sprouted EnrichedYesRice930
Sunrise Soya Soy, Organic, SweetenedNoSoy900
WestSoy, Low Fat, VanillaNoSoy855
365 Flax, Organic, VanillaYesFlax850
Oat-ly Oat, Low-FatNoOat850
So Delicious Coconut, Original, Sugar FreeYesCoconut850
So Delicious Cashew, UnsweetenedNoCashew850
Pacific Foods Hazelnut, Unsweetened VanillaNoHazelnut840
Pacific Foods Hazelnut, Unsweetened OriginalNoHazelnut840
Pacific Foods Hemp, OriginalNoHemp840
Pacific Foods Hemp, Original, UnsweetenedNoHemp840
Dream Rice, VanillaNoRice830
Dream Ultimate Almond, UnsweetendNoAlmond830
Trader Joe's Coconut, UnsweetenedNoCoconut820
Silk Almond/Coconut, UnsweetenedNoAlmond810
Elmhurst AlmondNoAlmond800
Elmhurst Brown RiceNoRice800
Elmhurst WalnutsNoWalnut800
Elmhurst PeanutsNoPeanut800
Elmhurst HazelnutNoHazelnut800
Elmhurst OatsNoOats800
Elmhurst Peanuts with ChocolateNoPeanut800
Elmhurst CashewNoCashew800
Dream Rice, Vanilla EnrichedNoRice780
Califia Farms "Go Coconuts" Coconut, Water BlendNoCoconut775
Silk Almond, Unsweetened OriginalNoAlmond760
Silk Almond, Unsweetened VanillaNoAlmond760
Wild Harvest Almond, VanillaNoAlmond760
Oat-ly Oat, BaristaNoOat750
So Delicious Cashew, VanillaNoCashew750
Suzie’s Quinoa, UnsweetenedNoQuinoa750
Oat-ly Oat, OriginalNoOat750
Pacific Foods Hemp, Unsweetened VanillaNoHemp740
Pacific Foods Rice, OriginalNoRice740
Pacific Foods Hazelnut, OriginalNoHazelnut740
2-Plant RatingLower-rated plant-based beverages. Conventional, with additives.
Dream Rice, Chocolate EnrichedNoRice730
Dream Ultimate Almond, OriginalNoAlmond730
Full Circle Almond, Unsweetened VanillaNoAlmond710
Silk Soymilk, VanillaNoSoy710
Silk Soymilk, OriginalNoSoy710
Silk Almond, Dark ChocolateNoAlmond710
Silk Soymilk, Very VanillaNoSoy710
Silk Cashew, UnsweetenedNoCashew710
Silk Cashew, Unsweetened VanillaNoCashew710
Silk Coconut, UnsweetenedNoCoconut710
Silk Soymilk, ChocolateNoSoy710
Silk Soymilk, Light OriginalNoSoy710
Silk Soymilk, Light VanillaNoSoy710
Tempt/Living Harvest Hemp, Unsweetened OriginalNoHemp700
Natur-a Almond, UnsweetenedNoAlmond700
Natur-a Almond, Unsweetened VanillaNoAlmond700
Friendly Farms Almond, Original, UnsweetenedNoAlmond700
Sunrise Soya Soy, LightNoSoy700
Califia Farms Almond, UnsweetenedNoAlmond675
Califia Farms Almond, Toasted CoconutNoBlend675
Califia Farms Toasted Oats & AlmondNoBlend675
Trader Joe's Almond, Unsweetened OriginalNoAlmond670
Silk Almond, Light OriginalNoAlmond660
Wild Harvest Almond, Unsweetened OriginalNoAlmond660
Silk Almond, VanillaNoAlmond660
Silk Almond, Light VanillaNoAlmond660
WestSoy, Non-Fat, PlainNoSoy655
WestSoy, Non-Fat, VanillaNoSoy655
Blue Diamond Almond, Hint of HoneyNoAlmond650
Blue Diamond Almond/Coconut, Unsweetened OriginalNoBlend650
Suzie’s Quinoa, VanillaNoQuinoa650
Blue Diamond Almond, Unsweetened VanillaNoAlmond650
Blue Diamond Almond, Unsweetened ChocolateNoAlmond650
Blue Diamond Almond/Cashew, Unsweetened OriginalNoBlend650
Blue Diamond Almond/Cashew, Unsweetened VanillaNoBlend650
Blue Diamond Almond/Coconut Unsweetened VanillaNoBlend650
Blue Diamond Almond, Reduced Sugar, OriginalNoAlmond650
Blue Diamond Almond, OriginalNoAlmond650
Blue Diamond Almond, Unsweetened OriginalNoAlmond650
Pacific Foods Hazelnut, ChocolateNoCoconut640
Pacific Foods Hemp, ChocolateNoHemp640
Pacific Foods Rice, VanillaNoRice640
Dream Ultimate Almond, VanillaNoAlmond630
Trader Joe's Coconut, VanillaNoCoconut620
Trader Joe's Almond, Unsweetened VanillaNoAlmond620
Nature's Place Almond, OriginalNoAlmond620
Simple Truth Almond, OriginalNoAlmond610
Simple Truth Almond, VanillaNoAlmond610
Simple Truth Almond, UnsweetenedNoAlmond610
Silk Coconut, OriginalNoCoconut610
Silk Cashew, OriginalNoCashew610
Silk Cashew, ChocolateNoCashew610
Silk Almond/Coconut, OriginalNoAlmond610
Full Circle Almond, OriginalNoAlmond610
Tempt/Living Harvest Hemp, ChocolateNoHemp600
Good Karma Flax, Vanilla plus ProteinNoFlax600
Good Karma Flax, Unsweetened plus Omega-3 & ProteinNoFlax600
Good Karma Flax Milk, Original, UnsweetenedNoFlax600
Tempt/Living Harvest Hemp, Unsweetened VanillaNoHemp600
So Delicious Almond, UnsweetenedNoAlmond600
Natur-a Almond/CoconutNoAlmond600
Pacific Foods Soy, Ultra, OriginalNoSoy590
Pacific Foods Soy, Ultra VanillaNoSoy590
Califia Farms Almond, Barista BlendNoAlmond575
Califia Farms Almond, Chocolate CoconutNoBlend575
Califia Farms Concentrated Cold Brew AlmondmilkNoAlmond575
Califia Farms Almond, VanillaNoAlmond575
Califia Farms Almond, OriginalNoAlmond575
Trader Joe's Almond/Cashew/Macadamia, UnsweetenedNoAlmond570
Silk Almond, OriginalNoAlmond560
Blue Diamond Almond, VanillaNoAlmond550
Blue Diamond Almond/Cashew, OriginalNoBlend550
Blue Diamond Almond/Coconut, OriginalNoBlend550
Oat-ly Oat, ChocolateNoOat550
Lucerne Almond, UnsweetenedNoAlmond550
Blue Diamond Almond/Cashew, VanillaNoBlend550
Blue Diamond Almond, Reduced Sugar, VanillaNoAlmond550
Blue Diamond Almond, ChocolateNoAlmond550
Trader Joe's Almond, Blueberry LavenderNoAlmond520
Nature's Place Almond, Unsweetened VanillaNoAlmond520
Trader Joe's Almond, MatchaNoAlmond520
Trader Joe's Soymilk, Unsweetened OriginalNoSoy520
Full Circle Almond, VanillaNoAlmond510
Simple Truth Almond, ChocolateNoAlmond510
Natur-a Almond, VanillaNoAlmond500
Vita Coco Coconut, OriginalNoCoconut500
Ripple Pea, OriginalNoPea500
Tempt/Living Harvest Hemp/Coconut UnsweetenedNoBlend500
Ripple Pea, ChocolateNoPea500
So Delicious Almond, VanillaNoAlmond500
Ripple Pea, Unsweetened OriginalNoPea500
Tempt/Living Harvest Hemp, Original VanillaNoHemp500
Tempt/Living Harvest Hemp, OriginalNoHemp500
Ripple Pea, VanillaNoPea500
Ripple Pea, Unsweetened VanillaNoPea500
Natur-a Almond, OriginalNoAlmond500
Natur-a Almond, ChocolateNoAlmond500
Good Karma Flax Milk, VanillaNoFlax500
Good Karma Flax Milk, OriginalNoFlax500
Friendly Farms Almond, VanillaNoAlmond500
Harris Teeter Almond, UnsweetenedNoAlmond490
Dream Blend, Coconut/Almond/Chia, UnsweetenedNoBlend480
Dream Almond, Pumpkin SpiceNoAlmond480
Dream Coconut, Unsweetened EnrichedNoCoconut480
Bolthouse Farms Plant, UnsweetenedNoPea450
Lucerne Almond, VanillaNoAlmond450
Bolthouse Farms Plant, OriginalNoPea450
Dream Blend, Almond/Cashew/Hazelnut, UnsweetenedNoBlend430
Simple Truth Coconut, UnsweetenedNoCoconut410
Full Circle Coconut, UnsweetenedNoCocunut410
Tempt/Living Harvest Hemp/Coconut OriginalNoBlend400
Vita Coco Coconut, VanillaNoCoconut400
Nature's Promise Almond, UnsweetenedNoAlmond390
Nature's Promise Almond, Original, UnsweetenedNoAlmond390
Harris Teeter Almond, ChocolateNoAlmond390
Harris Teeter Almond, Unsweetened VanillaNoAlmond390
Harris Teeter Almond, OriginalNoAlmond390
Dream Blend, Coconut/Almond/Chia, OriginalNoBlend380
Dream Almond, UnsweetenedNoAlmond380
Dream Coconut, Vanilla EnrichedNoCoconut380
Dream Almond, BoostedNoAlmond380
Dream Coconut, Original EnrichedNoCoconut380
Dream Coconut, BoostedNoCoconut380
1-Plant RatingLowest-rated plant-based beverages. Conventional, with additives
Bolthouse Farms Plant, ChocolateNoPea350
Lucerne Almond, ChocolateNoAlmond350
Bolthouse Farms Plant, VanillaNoPea350
Dream Rice, HorchataNoRice330
Simple Truth Coconut, OriginalNoCoconut310
Harris Teeter Almond, VanillaNoAlmond290
Nature's Promise Almond, Original VanillaNoAlmond290
Nature's Promise Almond, Unsweetened VanillaNoAlmond290
Dream Rice NogNoRice280
Dream Blend, Almond/Cashew/Hazelnut, OriginalNoBlend280
8th Continent Soy, VanillaNoSoy0
8th Continent Soy, OriginalNoSoy0

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