Brand NameRatingBrand RatingOrganicScore
5-Plant Rating | Excellent
Malk Cashew, Organic, Unsweetened5Yes2050
Three Trees Almond, Organic, Unsweetened Vanilla5Yes2050
Three Trees Almond, Organic, Unsweetened5Yes2050
Malk Almond, Organic, Unsweetened5Yes2050
EdenSoy, Organic, Unsweetened4.5Yes2050
WestSoy, Organic, Unsweetened3.5Yes2005
New Barn Almond, Organic, Unsweetened5Yes2000
Native Forest Coconut, Organic5Yes2000
Pacific Foods Soy, Organic, Unsweetened3Yes1990
Trader Joe's Soymilk, Organic, Unsweetened3Yes1970
Malk Almond, Organic, Unsweetened Vanilla5Yes1970
Kirkland Rice, Organic4Yes1790
Forager Cashew, Organic, Unsweetened5Yes1750
Sunrise Soy, Organic, Unsweetened3Yes1750
Native Forest Coconut Light, Organic5Yes1750
Forager Cashew, Organic, Original5Yes1750
Beber Almond, Pure4Yes1750
Forager Coconut/Cashew, Organic, Unsweetened5Yes1750
Califia Farms Almond, “Homestyle”, Certified Organic3Yes1725
Califia Farms Cashew, “Homestyle”, Organic3Yes1725
Califia Farms Coconut, “Homestyle” Organic3Yes1725
Dream Rice, Organic, Original2.5Yes1720
Trader Joe's Rice, Organic3Yes1710
WestSoy, Organic, Original3.5Yes1705
New Barn Almond, Organic, Unsweetened Vanilla5Yes1700
New Barn Almond, Organic, Original5Yes1700
WestSoy, Organic, Unsweetened Vanilla3.5Yes1675
365 Coconut Lite, Organic3Yes1670
Forager Coconut/Cashew, Organic, Unsweetened Vanilla5Yes1670
Dream Rice, Organic, Original Enriched2.5Yes1670
Malk Maple Pecan, Organic5Yes1670
EdenSoy Original, Organic, Fortified4.5Yes1670
EdenSoy, Organic, Original4.5Yes1670
Pacific Foods Almond, Organic, Unsweetened Original3Yes1660
Mooala Almond, Organic5Yes1650
Tofu Shop Soy, Natural Unflavored4Yes1650
Sunrise Soy, Organic, Sweetened3Yes1650
Mooala Banana, Organic5Yes1650
Mooala Chocolate Banana, Organic5Yes1650
Nature's Place Coconut, Organic, Unsweetened4Yes1640
Nature's Place Coconut Lite, Organic4Yes1640
4-Plant Rating | Above Average
Orgain Almond, Organic, Unsweetened Vanilla4Yes1620
O Organics Almond, Organic, Unsweetened3.5Yes1620
O Organics Almond, Organic, Unsweetened Vanilla3.5Yes1620
EdenSoy, Organic, Carob4.5Yes1620
Pacific Foods Almond, Organic, Vanilla3Yes1610
Pacific Foods Almond, Organic, Chocolate3Yes1610
Mooala Almond, Organic, Vanilla5Yes1600
SimplyNature Almond, Organic, Unsweetened3.5Yes1600
Pacific Foods Almond, Organic, Unsweetened Vanilla3Yes1590
Pacific Foods Oat, Organic, Original3Yes1590
Natur-a Soy, Organic, Unsweetened3Yes1590
Cadia Almond, Organic3Yes1590
EdenSoy, Organic, Vanilla, Fortified4.5Yes1590
BRAT Rice, Organic, Vanilla4Yes1580
BRAT Rice, Organic4Yes1580
So Delicious Almond, Organic, Original3Yes1570
So Delicious Almond, Organic, Unsweetened3Yes1570
Mooala Strawberry Bananamilk, Organic5Yes1570
Tofu Shop Soy, Chocolate4Yes1570
O Organics Almond, Vanilla3.5Yes1570
Orgain Almond, Organic, Lightly Sweetened Vanilla4Yes1570
365 Soy Milk, Organic, Unsweetened Original3Yes1570
EdenSoy Organic Cocoa4.5Yes1570
Dream Blend, Rice & Quinoa, Organic, Unsweetened2.5Yes1560
Pacific Foods Oat, Organic, Vanilla3Yes1560
Pacific Foods Coconut, Organic, Unsweetened3Yes1560
Pacific Foods Coconut, Organic, Unsweetened Vanilla3Yes1560
Pacific Foods Coconut, Organic, Original3Yes1560
Dream Blend, Rice & Quinoa, Organic, Original2.5Yes1560
365 Almond, Organic, Unsweetened Vanilla3Yes1560
365 Almond, Organic, Unsweetened3Yes1540
Pacific Foods Almond, Organic, Original3Yes1540
Silk Soymilk, Organic, Unsweetened3Yes1530
BRAT Rice, Organic, Chocolate Honey4Yes1530
So Delicious Coconut, Organic, Unsweetened3Yes1520
So Delicious Coconut, Organic, Original3Yes1520
So Delicious Coconut, Organic, Vanilla3Yes1510
Simple Truth Almond, Organic3Yes1500
Simple Truth Soy, Organic, Unsweetened3Yes1500
Simple Truth Almond, Organic, Unsweetened Vanilla3Yes1500
365 Almond, Organic, Vanilla3Yes1490
So Delicious Almond, Organic, Vanilla3Yes1490
365 Soy Milk, Organic, Vanilla3Yes1490
Kirkland Almond, Organic, Unsweetened Vanilla4Yes1490
Silk Almond, Organic3Yes1480
Silk Soymilk, Organic, Vanilla3Yes1480
Nature's Promise Soy, Organic, Vanilla2Yes1460
Cadia Almond, Organic, Vanilla3Yes1460
Nature's Place Soy, Organic, Plain4Yes1460
EdenSoy, Organic, Vanilla4.5Yes1460
Full Circle Almond, Organic, Unsweetened2.5Yes1450
Sunrise Soy, Calcium Plus3No1450
Simple Truth Almond, Organic, Chocolate3Yes1450
Natur-a Rice, Original3Yes1440
Natur-a Soy, Organic, Vanilla Light3Yes1440
Natur-a Soy, Organic, Original Light3Yes1430
Natur-a Soy, Vanilla3Yes1430
Natur-a Soy, Organic, Strawberry3Yes1430
Natur-a Soy, Organic, Cappuccino3Yes1430
Natur-a Soy, Organic3Yes1430
Natur-a Soy, Organic, Original Chocolate3Yes1430
Pacific Foods Soy, Select, Original3Yes1380
Pacific Foods Soy, Select, Vanilla3Yes1380
Beber Almond, Honey Vanilla4Yes1370
Beber Almond, Lavender4Yes1370
Beber Almond, Chocolate4Yes1370
Natur-a Rice, Vanilla3Yes1360
Sunrise Soy, Café Expert3No1350
Pacific Foods Cashew, Made with Organic, Unsweetened3Yes1330
So Nice Soy, Unsweetened4Yes1320
So Nice Almond, Unsweetened4Yes1320
So Nice Almond/Coconut, Unsweetened4Yes1320
So Nice Soy, Vanilla4Yes1300
Pacific Foods Cashew, Made with Organic, Unsweetened Vanilla3Yes1280
Pacific Foods Cashew, Made with Organic, Original3Yes1280
So Delicious Coconut, Chocolate3Yes1270
So Nice Soy, Original4Yes1270
So Nice Almond, Original4Yes1270
So Nice Almond, Vanilla4Yes1270
3-Plant Rating | Average
Pearl Soymilk, Organic, Unsweetened2.5Yes1220
Tofu Shop Soy, Ginger4Yes1220
Tofu Shop Soy, Vanilla4Yes1220
Pearl Soymilk, Organic, Original2.5Yes1200
Pearl Soymilk, Organic, Coffee2.5Yes1200
Pearl Soymilk, Organic, Chocolate2.5Yes1200
Pearl Soymilk, Organic, Creamy Vanilla2.5Yes1200
Pearl Soymilk, Organic, Green Tea2.5Yes1200
Dream Soy, Organic, Original2.5Yes1180
WestSoy, Low Fat, Plain3.5No1175
Sunrich Naturals Soy, Organic3Yes1170
O Organics Soy, Organic, Light Plain3.5Yes1170
Wildwood Soy, Organic, Unsweetened3Yes1140
Dream Cashew, Unsweetened2.5Yes1140
Dream Cashew, Original2.5Yes1140
Sunrise Soya Soy, Unsweetened2.5No1120
O Organics Soy, Organic, Light Vanilla3.5Yes1120
Kirkland Soy, Organic, Vanilla4Yes1120
GreenWise Soymilk, Organic, Vanilla3Yes1120
Dream Soy, Organic, Vanilla2.5Yes1100
WestSoy, Low Fat, Vanilla3.5No1095
Wildwood Soy, Organic, Organic, Vanilla3Yes1090
Wildwood Soy Organic, Original3Yes1090
O Organics Soy, Organic, Vanilla3.5Yes1090
O Organics Soy, Organic, Plain3.5Yes1090
Dream Rice, Organic, Unsweetened Enriched2.5Yes1090
GreenWise Soymilk, Organic, Plain3Yes1090
Nature's Place Soy, Organic, Vanilla4Yes1090
SimplyNature Soy, Organic, Original3.5Yes1090
365 Soy Milk, Organic, Light Vanilla3Yes1090
Full Circle Soymilk, Organic, Vanilla2.5Yes1080
Nature's Promise Soy, Organic, Unsweetened2Yes1080
365 Rice, Organic, Vanilla3Yes1080
365 Rice, Organic, Unsweetened3Yes1080
Wild Harvest Soy, Organic, Chocolate3Yes1080
So Delicious Cashew, Unsweetened3No1070
Kirkland Soy, Organic4Yes1070
Nature's Promise Soy, Original, Organic2Yes1060
Pacific Foods Hazelnut, Unsweetened Original3No1060
Pacific Foods Hemp, Original3No1060
Pacific Foods Hazelnut, Unsweetened Vanilla3No1060
Sunrich Naturals Soy, Organic, Vanilla3Yes1060
Simple Truth Soy, Organic, Chocolate3Yes1050
Wild Harvest Soy, Organic, Original3Yes1050
Simple Truth Soy, Organic, Vanilla3Yes1050
Simple Truth Soy, Organic, Light Vanilla3Yes1050
Dream Rice, Vanilla2.5No1050
Simple Truth Soy, Organic, Plain3Yes1050
Wild Harvest Soy, Organic, Vanilla3Yes1050
Dream Ultimate Almond, Unsweetend2.5No1050
WestSoy, Organic Plus, Vanilla3.5Yes1045
WestSoy, Organic Plus, Plain3.5Yes1045
Elmhurst Walnuts3No1040
Elmhurst Peanuts with Chocolate3No1040
Elmhurst Brown Rice3No1040
Elmhurst Oats3No1040
Elmhurst Cashew3No1040
Elmhurst Almond3No1040
Elmhurst Hazelnut3No1040
Elmhurst Peanuts3No1040
Silk Almond/Coconut, Unsweetened3No1030
Full Circle Soymilk, Organic, Original2.5Yes1030
Trader Joe's Coconut, Unsweetened3No1020
Sunrise Soya Soy, Organic, Sweetened2.5No1020
Dream Soy, Organic, Original Enriched2.5Yes1020
Dream Soy, Organic, Vanilla Enriched2.5Yes1020
Oat-ly Oat, Low-Fat3No1020
President's Choice Almond, Organic, Unsweetened Vanilla3Yes1010
President's Choice Almond, Organic, Unsweetened3Yes1010
Trader Joe's Soymilk, Organic, Vanilla3Yes1010
Dream Rice, Organic, Sprouted Enriched2.5Yes990
So Delicious Cashew, Vanilla3No990
Pacific Foods Hemp, Unsweetened Vanilla3No980
Pacific Foods Hazelnut, Original3No980
Pacific Foods Hemp, Original, Unsweetened3No980
Wild Harvest Almond, Vanilla3No980
Pacific Foods Rice, Original3No980
Dream Ultimate Almond, Original2.5No970
Dream Rice, Vanilla Enriched2.5No970
Califia Farms "Go Coconuts" Coconut, Water Blend3No965
Harris Teeter Soy, Organic, Vanilla2Yes960
Silk Cashew, Unsweetened Vanilla3No950
Silk Soymilk, Vanilla3No950
Silk Almond, Dark Chocolate3No950
Silk Soymilk, Very Vanilla3No950
Silk Coconut, Unsweetened3No950
Silk Soymilk, Original3No950
Dream Rice, Chocolate Enriched2.5No950
Silk Almond, Unsweetened Original3No950
Silk Cashew, Unsweetened3No950
Silk Almond, Unsweetened Vanilla3No950
Oat-ly Oat, Barista3No940
Oat-ly Oat, Original3No940
Tempt/Living Harvest Hemp, Unsweetened Original2No940
Silk Soymilk, Chocolate3No930
Harris Teeter Soy, Organic, Original2Yes930
Sunrich Naturals Soy, Organic, Chocolate3Yes930
Good Karma Flax, Vanilla plus Protein3No930
Good Karma Flax, Unsweetened plus Omega-3 & Protein3No930
Silk Soymilk, Light Original3No930
Good Karma Flax Milk, Original, Unsweetened3No930
Silk Soymilk, Light Vanilla3No910
365 Flax, Organic, Vanilla3Yes900
Full Circle Almond, Unsweetened Vanilla2.5No900
Pacific Foods Hemp, Chocolate3No900
Wild Harvest Almond, Unsweetened Original3No900
Pacific Foods Hazelnut, Chocolate3No900
Dream Ultimate Almond, Vanilla2.5No890
Natur-a Almond, Unsweetened3No890
Natur-a Almond, Unsweetened Vanilla3No890
Califia Farms Toasted Oats & Almond3No885
Califia Farms Almond, Toasted Coconut3No885
Califia Farms Almond, Unsweetened3No885
Pacific Foods Rice, Vanilla3No880
Silk Almond, Light Original3No870
Silk Almond/Coconut, Original3No870
So Delicious Coconut, Original, Sugar Free3Yes870
Silk Almond, Light Vanilla3No870
Silk Cashew, Chocolate3No870
Suzie’s Quinoa, Unsweetened2No870
Silk Coconut, Original3No870
Silk Almond, Vanilla3No870
Silk Cashew, Original3No870
Blue Diamond Almond, Original2.5No860
Blue Diamond Almond/Cashew, Unsweetened Original2.5No860
Trader Joe's Almond, Unsweetened Original3No860
Blue Diamond Almond, Unsweetened Chocolate2.5No860
Blue Diamond Almond, Hint of Honey2.5No860
Blue Diamond Almond/Coconut Unsweetened Vanilla2.5No860
Trader Joe's Almond, Unsweetened Vanilla3No860
Blue Diamond Almond, Unsweetened Vanilla2.5No860
Blue Diamond Almond/Cashew, Unsweetened Vanilla2.5No860
Blue Diamond Almond/Coconut, Unsweetened Original2.5No860
Blue Diamond Almond, Reduced Sugar, Original2.5No860
Blue Diamond Almond, Unsweetened Original2.5No860
Good Karma Flax Milk, Original3No850
Good Karma Flax Milk, Vanilla3No850
Friendly Farms Almond, Original, Unsweetened3No840
Nature's Place Almond, Original4No830
Simple Truth Almond, Vanilla3No820
Simple Truth Almond, Original3No820
Full Circle Almond, Original2.5No820
2-Plant Rating | Below Average
So Delicious Almond, Unsweetened3No810
Natur-a Almond/Coconut3No810
Califia Farms Concentrated Cold Brew Almondmilk3No805
Califia Farms Almond, Original3No805
Califia Farms Almond, Chocolate Coconut3No805
Califia Farms Almond, Barista Blend3No805
Califia Farms Almond, Vanilla3No805
Simple Truth Almond, Unsweetened3No800
Pacific Foods Soy, Ultra Vanilla3No800
Pacific Foods Soy, Ultra, Original3No800
Silk Almond, Original3No790
Trader Joe's Coconut, Vanilla3No790
Suzie’s Quinoa, Vanilla2No790
Oat-ly Oat, Chocolate3No780
Trader Joe's Almond, Matcha3No780
Blue Diamond Almond/Cashew, Vanilla2.5No780
Blue Diamond Almond/Cashew, Original2.5No780
Blue Diamond Almond, Vanilla2.5No780
Blue Diamond Almond, Reduced Sugar, Vanilla2.5No780
Trader Joe's Almond/Cashew/Macadamia, Unsweetened3No780
Blue Diamond Almond, Chocolate2.5No780
Blue Diamond Almond/Coconut, Original2.5No780
Trader Joe's Almond, Blueberry Lavender3No780
Lucerne Almond, Unsweetened2No760
Friendly Farms Almond, Vanilla3No760
Nature's Place Almond, Unsweetened Vanilla4No750
Ripple Pea, Unsweetened Original2No740
Simple Truth Almond, Chocolate3No740
Full Circle Almond, Vanilla2.5No740
Ripple Pea, Unsweetened Vanilla2No740
Natur-a Almond, Original3No730
Natur-a Almond, Chocolate3No730
Natur-a Almond, Vanilla3No730
So Delicious Almond, Vanilla3No730
Dream Almond, Pumpkin Spice2.5No710
Ripple Pea, Vanilla2No690
Ripple Pea, Original2No690
Ripple Pea, Chocolate2No690
Lucerne Almond, Vanilla2No680
Bolthouse Farms Plant, Original2No680
Bolthouse Farms Plant, Unsweetened2No660
WestSoy, Non-Fat, Plain3.5No625
WestSoy, Non-Fat, Vanilla3.5No625
Tempt/Living Harvest Hemp, Unsweetened Vanilla2No620
Sunrise Soya Soy, Light2.5No620
Dream Almond, Boosted2.5No610
Dream Coconut, Boosted2.5No610
Bolthouse Farms Plant, Chocolate2No580
Lucerne Almond, Chocolate2No580
Bolthouse Farms Plant, Vanilla2No580
Tempt/Living Harvest Hemp, Chocolate2No570
Tempt/Living Harvest Hemp, Original2No540
Tempt/Living Harvest Hemp/Coconut Unsweetened2No520
Vita Coco Coconut, Original2No520
Tempt/Living Harvest Hemp, Original Vanilla2No490
Trader Joe's Soymilk, Unsweetened Original3No490
Harris Teeter Almond, Unsweetened2No480
Dream Coconut, Unsweetened Enriched2.5No470
Dream Blend, Coconut/Almond/Chia, Unsweetened2.5No470
Dream Blend, Almond/Cashew/Hazelnut, Unsweetened2.5No450
Tempt/Living Harvest Hemp/Coconut Original2No440
Vita Coco Coconut, Vanilla2No420
1-Plant Rating | Poor
Harris Teeter Almond, Unsweetened Vanilla2No400
Harris Teeter Almond, Original2No400
Nature's Promise Almond, Unsweetened2No400
Simple Truth Coconut, Unsweetened3No400
Harris Teeter Almond, Chocolate2No400
Nature's Promise Almond, Original, Unsweetened2No400
Dream Blend, Coconut/Almond/Chia, Original2.5No390
Dream Coconut, Original Enriched2.5No390
Dream Coconut, Vanilla Enriched2.5No390
Dream Rice, Horchata2.5No390
Full Circle Coconut, Unsweetened2.5No380
Harris Teeter Almond, Vanilla2No320
Simple Truth Coconut, Original3No320
Nature's Promise Almond, Unsweetened Vanilla2No320
Nature's Promise Almond, Original Vanilla2No320
Dream Almond, Unsweetened2.5No310
Dream Blend, Almond/Cashew/Hazelnut, Original2.5No290
Dream Rice Nog2.5No270

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