Trader Joe’s Rice, Organic

Average Rating for Brand2.5
Plant BaseRice
Parent CompanyTrader Joe's
Total Score1420

Cornucopia asks consumers to be aware that rice products, including rice-based beverages, may contain the heavy metal arsenic in quantities that are harmful to human health. Due to a number of factors associated with arsenic levels in rice products (type of rice used, location grown, production methods, etc.), it is difficult to identify a safe level of consumption for rice-based beverages. It should be noted, only a very small amount of rice is actually used in rice-based beverages. For general guidelines and more background on this issue, we suggest reviewing Consumers Union’s 2014 report –

TOTAL (possible score is 1850) 1420
4-Plant Rating
USDA Certified Organic: 500 points
"Made With" Organic Ingredients: 300 points
Conventional: 0 points
USDA Certified Organic
500Certified Organic
% of offerings that are certified organic: 100 points maximum
Brand Commitment to Organics
2020% organic
Two ingredients or less: 250 points
Multiple ingredients: 0 points
0More than two ingredients
No carrageenan: 300 points
Carrageenan: 0 points
None: 100 points
Organic flavors: 50 points
Conventional flavors: 0 points
Added Flavors
None: 100 points
Organic sweetener with source: 100 points
Conventional: 0 points
100Organic evaporated cane juice
Informational, no numeric score
Amount of Sugar
10 gInformational
None: 100 points
Natural (tocopherols, malic acid, sodium ascorbate, calcium carbonate, ascorbic acid): 50 points
All others: 0 points
No thickeners/gums: 100 points
Organic: 50 points
Conventional: 0 points
Certified Organic or Non-GMO Project Verified: 100 points
Not certified: 0 points
Non-GMO Project Verified or USDA Organic
100Certified Organic
None: 100 points
Organic lecithin (sunflower or soy): 50 points
Conventional: 0 points
No vegetable oils: 100 points
Organic: 20 points
Conventional: 0 points
Vegetable Oils
0Conventional oils
Informational, no numeric score
Vitamin A Palmitate