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The Cornucopia Institute’s report, “Pouring” Over Plant-Based Beverages, gives shoppers the information they need to decide whether plant-based beverages, cow’s milk, or a diet consisting of both best meets their individual needs and expectations.

Because large beverage companies are eager to capitalize on the rapidly growing plant-based beverage market, selecting the best beverages can be challenging. Manufacturers often add a variety of ingredients to enhance flavor and product appeal, and buyers must be wary of highly processed products masquerading as nutritious milk alternatives. Some of the worst products contain as much sugar as soda!

The accompanying mobile-friendly scorecard rates over 300 products and helps consumers find the most nutritious, least processed, plant-based options available. The scorecard also identifies products that contain unsavory ingredients, such as carrageenan (a potent inflammatory agent), vegetable oils, sugar, and other added thickeners and gums.

For those who include dairy in their diet, the report highlights how organic, grass-fed cow’s milk is usually a minimally processed, whole food with nutritional qualities that are superior to both conventionally produced cow’s milk and plant-based beverages.

Regardless of your dietary needs, always choose USDA certified organic products to avoid dangerous processing agents, many questionable food additives, and residues from pesticides.

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