Carrageenan Report and Buyer’s Guide

Carrageenan is a problematic ingredient propped up by a well-oiled public relations machine. The Cornucopia Institute has long compiled scientific studies that raise troubling concerns about the consumption of food-grade carrageenan. Although referred to as a “natural” ingredient, carrageenan is linked to gastrointestinal inflammation and disease, including higher rates...

Organic Beef Report Cover

Organic Beef Report and Scorecard

Cornucopia’s report, Value Meal: The Benefits of Organic Beef, uncovers the latest research in certified organic beef production, with takeaways for anyone interested in shifting their beef buying habits to prioritize quality over quantity. The accompanying Organic Beef Scorecard is your guide to understanding the dizzying spectrum of beef production practices…

Yogurt Research

Yogurt Report and Scorecard

Culture Wars – Executive Summary Culture Wars – Full Report Organic Yogurt Scorecard Organic Yogurt Scorecard Scoring Criteria Cornucopia has revamped the yogurt scorecard to focus exclusively on organic brands, using our Organic Dairy Scorecard as the foundation of our scoring criteria. Organic yogurts that received the highest score...

Poultry Research

Organic Poultry Report and Scorecard

Organic Poultry Scorecard Organic Poultry Scorecard Scoring Criteria Full Report Organic Chicken and Turkey at a Glance (Major Findings) Who Owns Organic Poultry? (Infographic) Do-it-Yourself Guide to Choosing The Best Chicken and Turkey Press Release Seven in 10 US shoppers buy organic poultry. Unfortunately, the birds consumers are most...

Organic Egg Report and Scorecard

You Have Power Across the US, shoppers are pausing before choosing their eggs. The informed purchases that follow move the marketplace toward more ethical food systems.  More than 70,000 people consulted Cornucopia’s online Organic Egg Scorecard in 2022 — people shopping for themselves and their families, or retailers stocking...

Cottage Cheese Report

Cottage Cheese Report and Scorecard

Cottage Cheese Scorecard Full Report Cottage Cheese at a Glance Press Release Cottage Cheese Scorecard Scoring Criteria The dairy case just got more crowded.  A resurgence in the cottage cheese market means more choice for consumers—and the end result isn’t so easy to digest. The Cornucopia Institute’s report, Weighing...

Plant-Based Beverage Report

Plant-Based Beverage Report and Scorecard

Plant-Based Beverages Scorecard Full Report Plant-Based Beverages in a Nutshell Press Release Plant-based Beverage Scorecard Scoring Criteria The Cornucopia Institute’s report, “Pouring” Over Plant-Based Beverages, gives shoppers the information they need to decide whether plant-based beverages, cow’s milk, or a diet consisting of both best meets their individual needs and...

Certifier Report

Certifier Report and Guide

Certifier Guide Full Report Executive Summary News Release The Cornucopia Institute’s report, The Gatekeepers of Organic Integrity: Guide to Organic Certifiers, will help producers choose Accredited Certifying Agents (ACAs, aka certifiers) with values that align with their own. It will also clarify the role of certifiers in organic certification for...

Hydroponic Research

Hydroponic Report and Buyer’s Guide

Full Report Buyer’s Guide Executive Summary More Information on Hydroponic Press Release The Cornucopia Institute’s report, Troubling Waters: How the USDA and Hydroponic Agribusiness Diluted Organics by Sanctioning Soil-less Growing provides consumers and wholesale buyers with the information they need to identify hydroponic brands in the marketplace and instead purchase truly...

Grain Report

Grain Report and Buyer’s Guides

Grain Buyer’s Guides Full Report Press Release The Cornucopia Institute’s report, Against the Grain: Protecting Organic Shoppers against Import Fraud and Farmers from Unfair Competition, provides organic consumers, farmers and ranchers, and ethical business interests with background information to understand how cheaper, fraudulently labeled imports of “organic” soybeans and “organic”...

Dairy Research

Organic Dairy Report and Scorecard

August 2018 The Cornucopia Institute published its first comprehensive report on the organic dairy industry in 2008. Much has changed since then, as the organic dairy sector has grown exponentially. However, one thing that remains the same is the focus of The Cornucopia Institute’s work: the “factory farm takeover”...

Snack Bars Report

Snack Bars Report and Scorecard

Snack Bars Scorecard Full Report Executive Summary Press Release Snack Bar Scorecard Scoring Criteria The Cornucopia Institute’s report: Raising the Bar, Choosing Healthy Snack Bars versus Gimmicky Junk Food, exposes misleading marketing practices by food industry giants that market candy-like snack and energy bars as wholesome and nutritious. The...

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