Independent Organic Brand List

Cornucopia offers this list of nationally available, organic brands that are currently independently owned. (Scroll down for list.) These brands are committed to selling only certified organic products. A dwindling number of organic brands are independent—most are owned by large conglomerates. Once acquired by a major food processing company, organic brands tend to become diluted. They may begin to offer non-organic food or source their raw materials from industrialized farms. Sometimes the brand disappears altogether once it has been bought out by Big Food. This project is informed by the important work of Dr. Phil Howard, Michigan State University professor and member of International Panel of Experts on Sustainable Food Systems. To see how consolidation has impacted the marketplace, see Cornucopia’s updated Who Owns Organic? infographic. To stay on top of changes in the organic marketplace, sign up for our eNews here
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12 TidesSnacks
Alec's Ice CreamIce Cream
Alexandre Family FarmEggs, Dairy
All Clean FoodRice, Pasta
Ancient OrganicsGhee
ArdorEnergy Drink
Back Roads GranolaGranola
BarnanaBanana/Plaintain Snacks
Bearded BrothersSnack Bars
Better BoochKombucha
Big Picture FoodsOlives, Capers
BobbieBaby Formula
Dr. Bronner'sChocolate, Coconut Oil
Farmer's MarketSquash, Pumpkin
Farmhouse CultureFerments
Fearless BrandsTea
Food for LifeBread, Pasta, Waffles
Forage KombuchaKombucha
Forager ProjectPlant-based foods
Frankie's Organic FoodsSnacks
Fruit BlissDried Fruit
Genius JuicePlant-based Smoothies
GimMeSeaweed Snacks
GoMacroSnack Bars
Grandy OrganicsGranola
Handsome Brook FarmEggs
Hodo TofuTofu
JambarEnergy Bar
Jim's Organic CoffeeCoffee
Jom OrganicCandy
JovialAncient Grain Products
Kate's Real FoodSnack BarsKate's Real Food logo
LivBarSnack Bars
Made in NatureSnacks
Maine Coast Sea VegetablesSnacks
Maple Hill CreameryDairy
Miyoko's CreameryNon-dairy Butter and Cheese
MooalaPlant-based Beverages
Mountain High OrganicsPasta, Rice, Legumes
NadaMooDairy-free Ice Cream
Natural By NatureDairy
Nature's OneFormula
Nature's PathCereal, Snack Bars
Navitas OrganicsSuperfood Blends
Nixie Sparkling WaterBeverages
Norr OrganicSkyr Organic
Numi Organic TeaTea
NutivaOils, Spreads, Seeds
Nuts For CheesePlant-based Cheese
Once Upon a FarmBaby Food
One Degree Organic Foods1Cereal, Bread, Flour
Organic PrairieMeat
Organic ValleyDairy
Peeled SnacksSnacks
Philosopher FoodsNuts, Nut Butters
Pickle JuicePickle Juice
Potter's CrackersCrackers
Pumpkin Tree Organics/Peter Rabbit OrganicsSnacks
Pure Bliss OrganicsSnacks, Baking
Rigoni di AsiagoFruit Spread
Rise BrewingBeverages
SambazonAçaí Products
Skout OrganicSnack Bars
Sno Pac FoodsFrozen Fruit, Veg
Solana GoldApple Sauce, Apple Juice, Apple Cider
SunwinkPlant-based, Superfood Beverages
Taza ChocolateChocolate
Tierra FarmNuts, Seeds, Coffee
Top SeedzCrackers and Seed Snacks
TosiSnack Bars
Traditional MedicinalsTea
TruvaniSnack Bars
Uncle Matt'sJuice
Urban RemedyReady-made Meals, Cold-pressed Juices, Snacks
Yogi TeaTea
Zen PuddingDairy-free Pudding

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