Organic Beef Report CoverLeft: A diverse mix of cattle graze openly at Ayrshire Farm, a Cornucopia rated, 5-steak farm on our Organic Beef Scorecard. In contrast, factory farm cattle live in poor, overcrowded feedlot conditions. The dairy and beef industries are linked: your ground beef may have come from a dairy cow. When you choose highly rated beef from Cornucopia’s Organic Beef Scorecard, you’re supporting farms like the one pictured on the left.

Value Meal: The Benefits of Organic Beef

Cornucopia’s report, Value Meal: The Benefits of Organic Beef, uncovers the latest research in certified organic beef production, with takeaways for anyone interested in shifting their beef buying habits to prioritize quality over quantity.

The accompanying Organic Beef Scorecard is your guide to understanding the dizzying spectrum of beef production practices and a tool for getting as close as possible to the best that’s out there: authentic organic beef production. With more than 175 brands, the scorecard is our biggest yet.


Organic Beef Scorecard
Understanding the Scoring
Understanding the Criteria


The Organic Beef Report Executive Summary
Everything You Wanted to Know About Organic Beef
What the Rules and Regulations Dictate


The Spectrum of Beef IllustrationThe Spectrum of Beef
How is Your Beef Finished?How is Your Beef Finished?

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