Critics Fear USDA Will Be Cowed By Large Dairies

Loophole remains in `organic’ definition By Andrew Martin Chicago Tribune Washington Bureau (link no longer available) Published October 19, 2005 WASHINGTON — Seven months after a federal advisory board sought to close loopholes to ensure that organic dairy cows are raised in pastures, rather than in confined pens, the Department of Agriculture has yet to… Read more »

Organic Food Producers Lose Ground to Imports

Market has been seen as a niche for small U.S. farms By PHILIP BRASHER DES MOINES REGISTER (link no longer available) WASHINGTON BUREAU Advocates tout organic food as a salvation for small U.S. farms. But more and more, organic food isn’t American at all. The apples included. Companies are cutting costs by importing not only bananas… Read more »

FDA Head Crawford Resigns Under Ethical Cloud

No one is more responsible than Dr. Lester Crawford for the 10+ years of delay before the USDA would allow the word “organic” to appear on packages of meat. While heading up the Food Safety Inspection Service (FSIS) at the USDA, during the G. H. W. Bush Administration, he refused to allow organic meat to… Read more »

Organic Milk Shortage Sends U.S. Companies Looking Overseas

Strong and growing consumer demand for organic milk and organic dairy products is pushing dairy product producers to seek imports. The following story from New Zealand highlights the issue. US firm wants Fonterra’s organic milkpowder New Zealand Herald September 22, 2005 An American dairy farm is asking the New Hampshire state government to pay US$60,000… Read more »

Does Organic Imply Grazing?

New York Times By MARIAN BURROS September 14, 2005 JOHN MACKEY, chairman of Whole Foods Market, with the buying power of his 173 stores across the country behind him, said in a telephone interview yesterday that he wants the Department of Agriculture to strengthen its standards for organic milk. “I’m worried that it is getting… Read more »


MAYBE NOT! BY Jim Slama When you pick up organic milk at your local grocery, you probably have visions of happy cows, frolicking in a beautiful pasture, chewing their cuds and basically hanging out. You may be surprised to learn that this may not necessarily be the case. In recent months there has been a… Read more »

Going Organic Can Shield Children From Pesticides

A study finds benefits are ‘immediate’ and suggests that youths are exposed to the chemicals primarily through food, not spraying of homes. By Marla Cone L.A. Times Staff Writer September 3, 2005 Switching to organic foods provides children “dramatic and immediate” protection from pesticides that are widely used on a variety of crops, according to… Read more »

As Organic Farms Grow, USDA Considers Making Them Keep Cattle in Pastures Longer

By PHILIP BRASHER THE DES MOINES REGISTER (link no longer available) REGISTER WASHINGTON BUREAU Washington, D.C. – Contented cows lazing on rolling green hills. That is the idyllic image that many consumers have of the farms where organic milk is produced. The reality is becoming something different. With consumer demand for organic food booming, organic farms… Read more »

New Study Reveals Thousands of Field Tests of Genetically Engineered Crops Across U.S.

Experiments a Threat to Public Health, the Environment, and Farmers PORTLAND, Maine – More than 47,000 field tests of genetically engineered crops were authorized by the U.S. Department of Agriculture between 1987 and 2004 despite serious environmental threats and inadequate regulations in place to monitor their impacts, according to a new report released today by… Read more »

News Release: Organic Farmers Lose Patience With USDA

Cornucopia Institute Files FOIA Probing USDA Rejection of Adopted Pasture Guidance FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Mark Kastel, 608-625-2000 WASHINGTON, D.C.: Organic dairy farmers from around the nation once again converged on Washington for the semiannual meeting of the USDA’s National Organic Standards Board. The dairy producers attended the August 15-17 meeting to protest the growing… Read more »