PCO-LogoAs we understand it there has been a fight between the PCO Board and its executive director that has gone on for the past few years and has now resulted in the resignation of many in their leadership.

One of the contentious issues is the executive director’s service on the Organic Trade Association’s Board and her nationally prominent role in “selling” an organic check on (tax) to organic farmers who, based on historical experience, find the concept repugnant.

Since PCO is a member-based organization, if you have questions before the next annual meeting we would encourage you to contact one of the signatories of the letter below.

– Mark A. Kastel

Dear members, staff, and friends of PCO,

As members of the PCO board of directors, we believe it is our duty and responsibility to inform the members, staff and stakeholders regarding the rumors and information about turmoil between the board and the Executive Director (ED). Pending Legal actions have prevented full disclosure, and it is with reservation that we address this matter publically.

The dysfunction between the Executive director and the board has escalated over the past 5 years leading to frustrated board members, burn out, or resignation. Lack of cooperation and accountability, intimidation, insubordination, and a hostile attitude toward board members makes the responsibility for oversight of the organization difficult at best. We feel the organization is effectively not operating under the direction of a board as intended by the bylaws and non-profit corporate law. Our good faith efforts to resolve the situation have been met with objections, accusations and legal charges. We can no longer fulfill our duties as board members, and can no longer in good conscience serve as directors of PCO.

We have appreciated working with the dedicated, hardworking staff, and it is with sincere regret and apology that we must take this course of action and leave the organization with this turmoil. It is our hope that PCO can emerge from this crisis and move forward.


Dave Johnson, President April 2015-present
Tony Marzolino, Treasurer
Ken Rice
Cadie Pruss
Matt Moore
Ciro LoPinto

To the PCO Board, staff and members:

As former PCO board members, we wish to offer our support and understanding to the current PCO board members who find it untenable to continue their board membership. Volunteers should not be subjected to the escalating lack of cooperation and respect that has characterized the relationship between the PCO board and the Executive Director through the past several years.

We deeply regret that a mutually beneficial solution to this conflict has not been found. We admire and appreciate the PCO staff and wish them well as they navigate this storm.

Debra Deis, Vice President
Andrew Batdorf, President
Bryan Luce, Secretary
Phil Coles, President
Roman Stoltzfus
et al

Ken Rice
Tony Marzolino
Dave Johnson
Ciro LoPinto
Matt Moore
Jeff Mattocks

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