Between the Clouds and Seas: Working to Cool the Planet

By Melody Morrell, Operations Director [THIS ARTICLE WAS PREVIOUSLY PUBLISHED IN THE WINTER ISSUE OF  THE CULTIVATOR, CORNUCOPIA’S QUARTERLY NEWSLETTER.]  As a grandmother, I pay careful attention to what my family eats. I grow nutrient-dense produce in my garden, and I seek out authentic, certified organic food from local farmers whenever possible.  I do this, in part,… Read more »

Land Stewardship Project: Build Soil to Capture Carbon and Encourage Climate Health

A recently released white paper written by George Boody of the Land Stewardship Project, Farming to Capture Carbon and Address Climate Change through Building Soil, unearths the ways agriculture can help address climate issues. Studying farmer experiences and reviewing literature, Boody concluded that well-managed grazing systems for ruminant livestock and continuous living cover (plant cover… Read more »