Cornucopia Releases New Local Organic Berry Map

organic strawberries for sale

A multistate outbreak of hepatitis A in the US and Canada, potentially linked to fresh organic strawberries purchased in grocery stores, is yet another case for buying local: It’s easier to trust your food when you know your farmer. A new tool from The Cornucopia Institute, a nonprofit watchdog for the organic label, is helping… Read more »

Is General Mills Organic a Marketing Gimmick?

gunsmoke farm

In March of 2019, when General Mills made a commitment to “advance regenerative agricultural practices on one million acres of farmland by 2030,” organic enthusiasts gasped – and we have been holding our breath ever since. No doubt these acres would include some organic production, necessary to fuel the quickly growing demand brought by popular… Read more »

Cornucopia Campaign Elevates the Country’s Top-Rated Dairy Producers

Earl Ransom, Strafford Organic Dairy

Empowering a consumer response to the “factory-farm takeover” of organic agriculture The Cornucopia Institute is launching a new campaign to showcase dairy producers who use the most ethical, authentic organic farming practices. The “Organic Innovators: Top-Rated Farmers You Can Trust” Dairy Campaign will empower consumers and wholesale buyers to support  hard-working farmers who are in… Read more »