CompanyTurtle Island Foods
LocationHood River, OR
ProductsTofurky, tempeh, Tempeh Superburgers
Market AreaNationwide and Canada
Total Score850

Turtle Island Foods is an independently owned company driven by vegetarian values. “Tofurky” is a household name with vegetarians. Their products are guaranteed to be processed without the use of hexane, something which is rare with meat substitutes and veggie burgers.

They readily shared their sourcing information with us. They do not purchase soybeans directly from North American family farmers, but specify to their soybean supplier that they will purchase only North American grown soybeans.

They write: “Turtle Island Foods has been making tempeh and Tofurky products since 1980. Located in Hood River, Oregon, we are a family owned and operated company committed to bringing the best tasting, most healthy meat alternatives to the table.

We use organic soybeans and organic tofu as a soy protein base for all our products. All our products are formulated to promote the health and vitality of both the consumer and the planet’s ecosystems. We make everything in small batches using only the finest ingredients and go the extra mile to maintain the taste and integrity of our products. Our products are vegan, kosher, packaged in recycled paperboard and cholesterol free.

Turtle Island Foods has long been a proponent of a plant based diet. We actively work to help consumers reduce their meat consumption, and realize the environmental, health and ethical consequences for their dietary choices. Turtle Island Foods is an active partner with the Humane Society of the United States, and their logo appears on our entire line of vegetarian products.”

TOTAL (possible score is 1000) 850
5-Bean Rating
Family-farmer owned businesses receive the most points, investor owned corporations the fewest.
Ownership Structure
80Family Business
Reflects a company’s commitment to purchasing organic soybeans.
Percentage Organic Soybean Purchases
100100% Organic Purchases
Companies committed to transparency receive the most points.
Disclosure of Information for Verification
100Full and open disclosure
Reflects the integrity of the company’s chosen organic certifying organization.
Organic Certifier
Companies selling only organic products receive the most points.
Organic Product Line
60Tofurky line is not certified organic
Companies that manufacture in-house receive the most points.
100All manufacturing done in-house
Companies that purchase directly from farmers receive the most points; companies that buy through brokers selling imports receive the fewest.
Sourcing and Farmer Relationships
60company purchases soybeans from a broker who claims to provide only North American soybeans, but these claims could not be verified
Companies that are committed to preventing GMO contamination receive the most points.
Prevention of GMO Contamination
100testing on 100% of incoming loads
Companies that do not add flavor or add only certified organic natural flavor receive the most points.
50100% non-organic
Companies that do not use soy lecithin or that use certified organic soy lecithin receive the most points.
Soy Lecithin
100none used