Organic Soy Food Scorecard

Updated March, 2018
Brand NameRatingProductsScore
5-Bean Rating | Top-RatedThese top-rated companies go above and beyond to ensure that the soy products they market are responsibly sourced from North American organic farms and produced without the use of harmful solvents. Soy products sold under these brands are the healthiest options created by companies that are dedicated to organic farming and transparency.
Eden Foodssoymilk, soybeans, tofu, miso, soy sauce, ponzu sauce955
Rhapsody Natural Foodstempeh940
Unisoyatofu, meatless sausage920
Vermont Soysoymilk920
Small Planettofu920
Hodo Soytofu, soymilk, noodles, burgers920
Twin Oakstofu, tempeh, soymilk, mushroom pate910
FarmSoytofu, soy yogurt910
Tofu Shoptofu, soymilk900
Green Cuisinetofu, tempeh900
4-Bean Rating | ExcellentSoy products in this category are excellent choices produced by fully transparent brands that offer high integrity organic options but which may have GMO testing regimes, imported soybeans, and non-organic product lines that leave minor questions as to their commitment to organics.
Miso Mastermiso890
Suratatofu and tempeh890
Fresh Tofutofu, tempeh, vegetarian sandwiches, tofu spreads, Tofu "No Egg" Salad885
Baby's Only Organictoddler formula885
Organic Valleysoy beverage880
Sunergiaseasoned tofu, cheese alternatives865
TofurkyTofurky, tempeh, Tempeh Superburgers850
House Foodstofu825
Whole Soysoy yogurt, soy frozen yogurt820
Lifewaycultured soy beverage810
Central Soyfoodstofu, tempeh780
Wildwoodtofu, tofu veggie patties, soy yogurt, cultured soy drink, soymilk, soymilk creamer771
SoyBoytofu, tempeh, tofu ravioli, tofu hot dogs, okara burgers755
Nancy'ssoy yogurt725
3-Bean Rating | Very GoodBrands in this category are good choices. They are transparent with their purchasing practices, but they market both organic and non-organic products and often use non-organic added flavors.
O'Soysoy yogurt695
Pete's Tofutofu, soymilk665
Harris Teeter private labelsoymilk, edamame605
2-Bean Rating | FairBrands in this category are not fully transparent, marketing both non-organic and organic soy products. These brands are likely sourcing from imported soybean suppliers and offer too few assurances that adequate GMO and contamination testing is being performed.
Trader Joe's private labelsoymilk, tofu, others385
1-Bean Rating | Poor1-Bean Rating | Poor Brands in this category are mostly non-organic. The parent companies provided at least some transparency into their practices, but they are likely not high-integrity choices, often using solvent extraction and imported soybeans.
Best Choicesoymilk115
Laura Lynnsoymilk115
Weis Marketssoymilk115
Nature's Placesoymilk115
Full Circlesoymilk115
Giant Eaglesoymilk115
Wild Harvestsoymilk115
0-Bean Rating | Very PoorBrands that received no rating refused to disclose their sourcing and production practices. Private label brands also fall into this category. Transparency is a hallmark of the organic food movement, and we encourage patrons of these brands to encourage the parent companies to disclose their practices.
Nature's Promisesoymilk0
Westsoysoymilk, tofu, seitan, tempeh0
Boca Burgersvegetarian burgers0
Cold Mountain Misomiso0
Country Creamsoymilk0
Archer Farmssoymilk0
O Organicssoymilk, tofu, others0
Island Spring Tofutofu, soy beverage0
Simple Truthsoymilk0
Wegmanssoymilk, tofu, soybean oil, soy sauce0
Nature's Soytofu, soy beverages0
Earth's Bestinfant formula0
Soy Dreamsoymilk0
Soya Delitofu and meat alternatives0
Helen's Kitchentofu entrees0
Sammi's Bestsoy beverage0
Pearl Soymilksoy beverage0
Great Valuesoymilk, soy sauce, soy butter0
Silksoy beverage0
Gardenburgervegetarian meat alternatives0
Pacific Foodssoy beverage0
Mori Nu Tofutofu0