CompanyNorthern Soy Inc.
LocationRochester, NY
Productstofu, tempeh, tofu ravioli, tofu hot dogs, okra burgers
Market AreaEast
Total Score755

Northern Soy, makers of SoyBoy, was founded in 1976 and remains an independent company that is still managed by the original founders. They readily shared all sourcing information. They source a portion of their soybeans directly from family farmers; when these family farmers do not have enough soybeans to sell, Northern Soy works with brokers and specifies that they only want organic soybeans grown as close as possible to their New York plant.

They write: “We make SoyBoy brand products, although we’re sometimes known by our corporate name, Northern Soy. Our Rochester, NY factory may be the only remaining large-scale, independently-owned U.S. tofu plant. Currently, 100% of the soybeans we use are organically-grown, sourced locally whenever possible. Every ingredient in the plant is GMO-free,and we never use processing aids or defoamers. Our tofu is known for its firmness, high protein content, and year-round consistency. One of our top priorities is creating a safe, healthy work environment where people are paid excellent wages, receive great benefits, and can take pride in their work. After 31 years in business, we still believe,”Soy to the World.”

TOTAL (possible score is 1000) 755
4-Bean Rating
Family-farmer owned businesses receive the most points, investor owned corporations the fewest.
Ownership Structure
70Privately Owned
Reflects a company’s commitment to purchasing organic soybeans.
Percentage Organic Soybean Purchases
9098% organic, 2% non-GMO
Companies committed to transparency receive the most points.
Disclosure of Information for Verification
100full and open disclosure
Reflects the integrity of the company’s chosen organic certifying organization.
Organic Certifier
Companies selling only organic products receive the most points.
Organic Product Line
6075% Organic, 10% Conventional non-GMO and 15% Conventional
Companies that manufacture in-house receive the most points.
100All manufacturing done in-house
Companies that purchase directly from farmers receive the most points; companies that buy through brokers selling imports receive the fewest.
Sourcing and Farmer Relationships
70Soybeans purchased from a New York farmer and from brokers who supply North American soybeans
Companies that are committed to preventing GMO contamination receive the most points.
Prevention of GMO Contamination
40no testing; the company is in the process of developing a testing system
Companies that do not add flavor or add only certified organic natural flavor receive the most points.
50100% non-organic natural flavor
Companies that do not use soy lecithin or that use certified organic soy lecithin receive the most points.
Soy Lecithin
100none used