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Fall 2018 NOSB Meeting – Webinar: Tuesday, October 16, 2018

A Cornucopia staff member attended the National Organic Standards Board (NOSB) pre-meeting webinar yesterday, where the NOSB heard comments from the public. Cornucopia’s notes from this meeting are below. Thirteen of 15 NOSB members present: Source: Aaron Yoo Ashley Swaffar Jesse Buie  Emily Oakley Steve Ela Harriet Behar Asa Bradman A-dae Romero-Briones  Sue Baird  Tom… Read more »

‘Enough’ Misleading Ads on Antibiotics in Meat

Cornucopia’s Take: A social media campaign, “Enough,” is working hard to confuse consumers about the dangers of widespread antibiotic use in livestock, among other things. The ads reassure us that there is no antibiotic residue in our food, that organic isn’t “worth it,” and that “innovation” is needed to produce enough meat to feed the… Read more »

Organic Cattle Farmer Speaks Out on Antibiotics

Cornucopia’s Take: Although the FDA banned the use of antibiotics solely as a growth-promoter for livestock in 2017, the agency did not establish any real tracking of antibiotic use by ranchers. The FDA rule also allows veterinarians to prescribe antibiotics for disease prevention, even when no animals in the herd are ill. Overuse of antibiotics… Read more »

Editing Genes at Home

Cornucopia’s Take: As gene editing technology has moved ahead, it has become a cheap hobby for the science-minded. Meanwhile, little attention has been paid by government entities around the world, and anyone can buy self-cloned DNA fragments online for their at home scientific experimentation. The main concern is the creation of dangerous organisms, deliberately or… Read more »

Spring 2018 NOSB Meeting – Webinar: Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Cornucopia staff members attended the National Organic Standards Board (NOSB) pre-meeting webinar today, where the NOSB heard comments from the public. Cornucopia’s notes from this meeting are below. You can also view our notes from the Thursday webinar. Thirteen NOSB members present: (note: environmentalist and handler NOSB positions have not been filled) The NOSB at… Read more »

Microbes in the Soil and in Our Guts

Cornucopia’s Take: Please enjoy this review of The Hidden Half of Nature by David Montgomery and Anne Biklé. Given the science and practical work of microbes in soil, it is clear that soil is crucial to our health. Our friend Fred Kirschenmann suggested this book. The scientists whose garden unlocked the secret to good health The… Read more »

Is Biodynamic Farming for Real?

Cornucopia’s Take: Biodynamic farmers are sometimes accused of being unscientific, and Demeter, their certifying agent, has now begun collecting topsoil samples from their biodynamic farms for further study. Biodynamic farmers must follow federal organic rules as well as additional practices, including off-farm input restrictions. Biodynamic farming is on the rise – but how effective is… Read more »

A Rush of Americans, Seeking Gold in Cuban Soil

New York Times by Kim Severson Source: David Williams HAVANA — Being an agricultural official in Cuba these days is like living in a resort town all your friends want to visit. You rarely get a moment to yourself. For months, Havana’s government offices and its prettiest urban farms have been filled with American bureaucrats,… Read more »

Chefs Collaborative on a Sustainable Mission

Connecting to Southern Agriculture in Charleston [Previously printed in Acres USA] By Julie Ann Fineman Co-authored by  J. Lee Glenn Photography courtesy of Julie Ann Fineman Around the world people are waking up to the negative impacts of our industrialized food system as alarming stories continue to flood the news:  a loss of biodiversity, degraded… Read more »

The Elders of Organic Farming

New York Times By Carol Pogash BIG SUR, Calif. — Among the sleek guests who meditate and do Downward Facing Dog here at the Esalen Institute, the farmers appeared to be out of place. They wore baggy jeans, suspenders and work boots and had long ago let their hair go gray. For nearly a week,… Read more »