Raw Milk: Perfect Food or Public Health Threat?

Rapid City Journal By Mary Garrigan Josh Simpson pours raw milk from Black Hills Milk on his cereal every morning and drinks a tall glass of it before he goes to bed each night. The 11-year old Rapid City boy loves the milk’s fresh, creamy taste and his mom, Val, loves that it is a… Read more »

Animal Legal Defense Fund Sues Bay Area Egg Producers For False “Free-Range” Advertising

[Current organic standards state that organic livestock producers must “establish and maintain living conditions which accommodate the health and natural behavior of animals, including year-round access for all animals to the outdoors, shade, shelter, exercise areas, fresh air and direct sunlight suitable to the species [emphasis added].”  Evidence gathered by The Cornucopia Institute, including photos… Read more »

Stonyfield Chairman Throws Weight/Commitment behind Proposition 37 in California

Gary Hirshberg Encourages All Organic Stakeholders to Invest in GMO Labeling Cornucopia, WI – At least one chapter in what some in the organic industry described as a “family feud” has been amicably settled after one of the organic industry’s most prominent corporate leaders, Gary Hirshberg, cut a check supporting the campaign to pass California… Read more »

Balancing Environmentalism and Profits Works for Texas Farmers

High Plains Journal By Jennifer M. Latzke Jimmy and Susan Wedel don’t consider themselves “radical environmentalists.” “I’m not a radical environmentalist, I’m a reasonable environmentalist,” Jimmy Wedel said. It’s that “reasonable environmentalism” that has the Wedels farming 3,700 acres of organic crops–including forage corn–near the Texas-New Mexico border in the southern Texas Panhandle. A change… Read more »

Shopping Guide to Avoiding Organic Foods with Carrageenan

Always read ingredient lists carefully. Carrageenan may be present in the final product but not listed on the ingredients label when it is used as a “processing aid,” for example in cream. We recommend contacting the company directly if you would like to confirm whether carrageenan is in the final product. Read more on processing aids here, and… Read more »

Spinning Suspect Ingredients in Baby Formula

Source: PRWatch from the Center for Media and Democracy Submitted by Rebekah Wilce “That same day that I gave her the first bottle [of formula], she had terrible diarrhea, she had horrible spit-up, she had gas, she was crying with pain. . . . Our pharmacy accidentally ordered [formula] without DHA/ARA. She had it for… Read more »

Future Friendly Farming: Report Highlights Cost-Effective Strategies…

Report highlights cost-effective strategies to protect wildlife habitat and save taxpayers, farmers and consumers money National Wildlife Federation Mékell Mikell American farmers provide food, fuel and fiber for a growing nation. In the face of challenges including tight budgets, increasing threats to natural systems, climate change and extreme weather, farmers can implement strategies that assure… Read more »

Wal-Mart Apologizes for New Customer Fraud

ShanghaiDaily Wal-Mart China has apologized for selling ordinary pork as organic in three stores in the southwest city of Chongqing, the eighth time this year the local industry watchdog has uncovered illegal practices at the global retailer. The Chongqing Industry and Commerce Administration launched an investigation into the supermarket chain after receiving complaints that ordinary… Read more »

Unsafe Eggs Linked to U.S. Failure to Act

Washington Post By Lyndsey Layton Public health officials closed the books this month on an outbreak of salmonella illness that had sickened more than 1,900 people since May and led to the largest recall of eggs in U.S. history. Two Iowa egg farms drew most of the blame, triggering a congressional investigation, a federal criminal… Read more »