Newsletter – Summer 2011

Our hardcopy newsletter for Summer 2011 is now available online. Please see it at the below link. In it you’ll find: – Animal Welfare Standards Delayed – Farmers and Seed Producers Launch Preemptive Strike Against Monsanto – New Additions to Cornucopia’s Board of Directors and Policy Advisors Panel – Who is Mischa Popoff? – New… Read more »

April 2011 ENewsletter

In This Issue: – Cornucopia Challenging Approval of GE Alfalfa – FDA to Investigate Infant Formula Health Claims – Musical Interlude: The Monsanto Rag – Systemic Problems with Organic Labeling and Signage: Widespread Market Place Misrepresentation – In Memorium: Bill Welsh April 2011 Enewsletter

February 2010 E-Newsletter

Inside This Issue: USDA Establishes Strong New Organic Standards for Pasture and Livestock * Genetically Modified Alfalfa Threatens Organic Agriculture * USDA Seeking Comments on Finish Feeding of Organic Beef and Ruminants * Visit With Cornucopia Staff at the Upper Midwest Organic Farming Conference — Feb 25-27 in LaCrosse, WI * Organic, Local, Authentic Food… Read more »

November 2009 Newsletter

Inside this issue: Livestock/Pasture Rule Release Coming In January? * NOSB Pushes for Tighter Animal Welfare Regulation * Food Safety Legislation Now Focusing on Senate * Raw Almond Pasteurization Challenge Moving to Appeal * Off Target — Major Retailer Accused of Organic Improprieties * Genetically Modified Crops Increase Herbicide Use * Court Finds USDA Violated… Read more »

September 2009 E-Newsletter

Inside This Issue: Aurora Dairy Again Accused of Organic Improprieties * More on Soy’s Dirty Little Secret * Court Battle Continues Over Controversial Almond Pasteurization Rule * New Federal Food Safety Rule May Harm Small, Local and Organic Fresh Market Produce Growers * Update on DHA/ARA Additives to Infant Formula Download the full e-newsletter here:… Read more »

July 2009 E-Newsletter

Inside This Issue: Organic Dairy Farmers’ Rally, USDA Secretary Asked to Vigorously Enforce Organic Laws * Dean Foods Criticizes Cornucopia’s Soy Report * Raw Almond Lawsuit and Fundraising Incentive * Cornucopia Tracking Food Safety Reforms * Short Takes and Appetizers * More Tools Download the full e-newsletter here: July 2009 E-newsletter

May 2009 Newsletter

Inside this issue: Organic Dairy Farmers Fight for Justice — and Their Livelihoods NOSB Votes on Soy Lecithin De-Listing New Organic Farming Funds Available Pasture/Livestock Rule Update and Change @ USDA Farmers Needed for NOSB Positions Raw Almond Fight Update Download the full newsletter Final Draft 5.19.09.

March 2009 E-Newsletter

Inside This Issue: Action Alert: Message to President Obama * Despite Legal Setback, Raw Almond Fight Continues * Saving Organic Dairy * Cornucopia Board Holds Annual Meeting * The Watertown Hotel Download the full newsletter here: March 2009 E-newsletter

December 2008 E-Newsletter

Inside This Issue: Last Minute Rulemaking by Bush USDA Threatens Organic Family Farmers * Almond Pasteurization Lawsuit Moving Forward * DHA-Infant Formula Update * Soy Lecithin – Organic Version Arriving * The Save Raw Almonds Store * Genetically Modified Maize Lowers Fertility in Mice, Study Finds Download the full newsletter here: December 2008 E-newsletter