February 2010 E-Newsletter

Inside This Issue: USDA Establishes Strong New Organic Standards for Pasture and Livestock * Genetically Modified Alfalfa Threatens Organic Agriculture * USDA Seeking Comments on Finish Feeding of Organic Beef and Ruminants * Visit With Cornucopia Staff at the Upper Midwest Organic Farming Conference — Feb 25-27 in LaCrosse, WI * Organic, Local, Authentic Food… Read more »

November 2009 Newsletter

Inside this issue: Livestock/Pasture Rule Release Coming In January? * NOSB Pushes for Tighter Animal Welfare Regulation * Food Safety Legislation Now Focusing on Senate * Raw Almond Pasteurization Challenge Moving to Appeal * Off Target — Major Retailer Accused of Organic Improprieties * Genetically Modified Crops Increase Herbicide Use * Court Finds USDA Violated… Read more »

September 2009 E-Newsletter

Inside This Issue: Aurora Dairy Again Accused of Organic Improprieties * More on Soy’s Dirty Little Secret * Court Battle Continues Over Controversial Almond Pasteurization Rule * New Federal Food Safety Rule May Harm Small, Local and Organic Fresh Market Produce Growers * Update on DHA/ARA Additives to Infant Formula Download the full e-newsletter here:… Read more »

July 2009 E-Newsletter

Inside This Issue: Organic Dairy Farmers’ Rally, USDA Secretary Asked to Vigorously Enforce Organic Laws * Dean Foods Criticizes Cornucopia’s Soy Report * Raw Almond Lawsuit and Fundraising Incentive * Cornucopia Tracking Food Safety Reforms * Short Takes and Appetizers * More Tools Download the full e-newsletter here: July 2009 E-newsletter

May 2009 Newsletter

Inside this issue: Organic Dairy Farmers Fight for Justice — and Their Livelihoods NOSB Votes on Soy Lecithin De-Listing New Organic Farming Funds Available Pasture/Livestock Rule Update and Change @ USDA Farmers Needed for NOSB Positions Raw Almond Fight Update Download the full newsletter Final Draft 5.19.09.

March 2009 E-Newsletter

Inside This Issue: Action Alert: Message to President Obama * Despite Legal Setback, Raw Almond Fight Continues * Saving Organic Dairy * Cornucopia Board Holds Annual Meeting * The Watertown Hotel Download the full newsletter here: March 2009 E-newsletter

December 2008 E-Newsletter

Inside This Issue: Last Minute Rulemaking by Bush USDA Threatens Organic Family Farmers * Almond Pasteurization Lawsuit Moving Forward * DHA-Infant Formula Update * Soy Lecithin – Organic Version Arriving * The Save Raw Almonds Store * Genetically Modified Maize Lowers Fertility in Mice, Study Finds Download the full newsletter here: December 2008 E-newsletter

September-October 2008 E-Newsletter

Inside This Issue: Organic Dairy Scorecard Updated • Almond Growers and Handlers File Federal Lawsuit • Cornucopia Calls For Food Safety Rules • Got Fresh Spinach? Lettuce? Think again! • USDA Kills Pesticide-Testing Program Download the newsletter here: September-October 2008 E-newsletter.

The Cultivator – July/August 2008

America’s Largest Corporate Dairy Processor Muscles Its Way into Organics Dean Foods Kills USDA Investigation of Their Horizon Label After a three-and-a-half year battle with Dean Foods regarding the legality of milk it labels as Horizon Organic, the country’s most aggressive organic industry watchdog filed additional legal actions today. Dean, the nation’s largest dairy processor,… Read more »