The Milkhouse Farmers Talk About Authentic Organic Dairying

January 2nd, 2019

Cornucopia’s Take: The Real Organic Project, a farmer-driven nonprofit devoted to foundational organic values and practices, is offering videos of authentic organic farming across the country. Caitlin and Andy of The Milkhouse share their love for their cows and farming, as well as some of the issues facing small, organic dairy farms right now. The Milkhouse is rated 5 cows on Cornucopia’s Organic Dairy Scorecard, making it one of the best organic dairy brands in the country. Support family-scale farmers–for your family and theirs!

Know Your Farmer – The Milkhouse, Maine
Real Organic Project

The Milkhouse Dairy Farm and Creamery in Maine milks a small herd of 30-35 rotationally grazed cows. Due to their desire to sell their milk and yogurt to local consumers and processors in their community, they’ve recently been notified that their contract with Horizon Organics will be terminated. Listen as farmers Caitlin Frame and Andy Smith tell their story and share a glimpse of life on their farm.


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