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Executive Director Mark Kastel explains why Cornucopia does not support the labeling of hydroponic produce as organic.

Many “organic” hydroponic producers erect massive intensive greenhouses to grow crops in water or inert planting media like conventional coco coir or peat moss mined from bogs. The plants are fed a liquid fertilizer solution that may be derived from hydrolyzed conventionally grown soybeans, unsustainable wild-caught fish, or even composted waste from grocery stores.

Authentic organic farmers carefully steward soil fertility which is known to prevent nutrient run-off, provide properly balanced nutrition for plants and animals, capture carbon in the soil, and positively cycle water in the biosphere.

Read the full report, Troubling Waters, and use the accompanying Hydroponic Buyer’s Guide to learn which brands sell produce grown using hydroponic methods.

If you share our concerns, ask your local retailer to label hydroponic “organic” produce and ensure your right to know. Sign our proxy to major retailers to make your voice heard.

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