Cornucopia’s Take: Consumers can currently be certain that their food is non-GMO by buying organic. However, some language in the new GMO labeling bill could dilute the definition of “bioengineered” in organic regulations as well. Lawsuits are already pending. Stand by to help keep organics truly non-GMO.

Genetically modified food: New law a disaster
San Diego Union-Tribune
by David Schubert

Source: CT Senate Democrats

[Early this month], President Obama signed the National Bioengineered Food Disclosure Law, a deceptive document that will put the U.S. population at risk for generations.

This bill creates a situation in which a shopper who wishes to know if a food contains genetically modified (GM) products will likely be required to use a smart phone, make a phone call, or employ a bar code decoder.

In addition, the bill forbids states from labeling foods, gives all of the power to the secretary of agriculture to regulate GM food labeling and even redefines the actual meaning of GM.

The law requires that the GM content be disclosed by “text, symbol or electronic or digital link.” Since over 90 percent of Americans favor labeling GM food, the obvious question is why there was so much legislative effort to avoid the simple declarative statement in the nutrition label that the food contains GM products? And how could this legislation be signed by a president whose wife is a champion of kids and healthy eating?

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