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[Read the letters calling for a presidential veto below.]

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President Obama has yet to sign the toothless GMO food labeling bill passed by Congress.  If you already called the President, or signed one of the “unofficial” petitions, urging him to veto the bill you still have one more chance to influence him.  Please sign the official We the People petition to the White House today urging President Obama to veto this bill.

Since Friday, pressure has been mounting for a veto.  These include:

  • A letter from the National Organic Coalition (including Cornucopia) calling for a veto.
  • A letter from 286 groups and organizations (including Cornucopia) urging a veto.
  • A letter from Jesse Jackson and Rainbow/Push asking for a veto.
  • More than 200,000 names (maybe including yours) on the other organizations’ petitions calling for a veto.

Act today.  Make sure the President knows that you want him to veto the toothless GMO food labeling bill.  If we get this up to 100,000 signatories, the president has committed to respond. Let’s put him on the spot!

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We need about 30,000 more folks immediately! Please sign the White House petition before he signs the agribusiness/biotechnology-friendly legislation that does away with our ability to choose our food.

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