GMO Food Labeling in Washington State – Supporters and Opponents

September 12th, 2013

The Cornucopia Institute has created this infographic designed to inform consumers about companies and organizations funding the campaign around Washington state’s November 5 vote on the labeling of GMO foods, known as I-522.  The infographic allows consumers to identify supporters and opponents of the right to know what is in your food.  And it helps consumers make purchasing decisions reflecting their values.  See our news release on this here.

UPDATE 9-16:  New  generous  donations from Food and Democracy Now!, Happy Family, Good Earth Natural Foods, and more.  

Click here for an enlarged view of the infographic

(click on the poster after it opens a second time for an even larger version)

Click here for a hi-res, printable version


Click here or on the poster for an enlarged view.

Click here for a printable black and white list of all contributors on I-522 as a PDF.

Click here for a list of In-Kind contributions on I-522.

Click here to read The Cornucopia’s news release about the Biotech attack on GMO food labeling in Washington state.


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