DHA Infant Formula Research

Updated May 2010

Replacing Mother – Imitating Human Breast Milk in the Laboratory details research questioning the benefits and safety of DHA oil from algae and ARA oil from fungus.

DHA algal oil is added to nearly all brands of infant formula, and is often found in other foods and beverages, such as milk and soy milk. It is listed as “DHA from algal oil” and sometimes accompanied by the “LifesDHA” logo.

Due to a backroom deal between corporate lobbyists and USDA officials, the USDA has looked the other way and failed to take enforcement action against organic food manufacturers that have added DHA algal oil to organic foods and beverages. Learn more about how DHA algal oil made its way into organic foods and organic infant formula.

Cornucopia has been tracking the organic infant formula market, and has for years pressured the USDA to remove all synthetic, unapproved nutrients from organic infant formula.

Report and Related Links:

  • Use our shopping guide to identify and avoid organic foods containing DHA algal oil
  • Read a sampling of adverse reaction reports obtained by The Cornucopia Institute’s Freedom of Information Act request to the FDA. The reports detail infant health problems related to DHA/ARA formula.

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