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For GMO Labeling Advocates, It Doesn’t Get Much Darker Than This

Monday, June 27th, 2016

Take action to stop Big Ag from preempting the Vermont law. Call (202) 224-3121 to connect to the U.S. Capitol Switchboard. Operators will connect you directly to your Senator’s office.  Please tell your Senator to reject the toothless GMO food labeling “compromise” and to protect your right and the right of states like Vermont to help you know what is in your food.  For more detailed analysis, read this analysis by Cornucopia advisor Jim Gerritsen.

Huffington Post
by Carey Gillam

Source: Anna

News Thursday that Senate Agriculture Committee Chairman Pat Roberts and the committee’s ranking Senate Democrat Debbie Stabenow had finally sewn up a deal on nationwide GMO labeling left the food industry celebrating – but GMO labeling backers cursing – a law that will continue to leave consumers largely in the dark about the GMO content of their groceries.

The Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA), which represents the interests of the nation’s largest food and beverage companies and has been the chief architect of legislation to pre-empt Vermont’s mandatory labeling law, said Thursday that it “fully supports” the terms of the newly proposed legislation. Read Full Article »

Is It GMO? “Smart labels” Aren’t Enough

Monday, June 27th, 2016

The Des Moines Register
by George Naylor

Source: Aminul Islam Sajib

I come from a long line of farmers and gardeners. On the farm I raise mainly corn and soybeans like almost every other Iowa farmer. But my gardening lets me indulge in many fruit and vegetable options that are beautifully displayed in the garden seed catalogs I get in the mail every winter. My ancestors couldn’t have imagined the diversity and disease resistance offered by the advances in conventional breeding. Fortunately, I have the choice to purchase the conventionally bred varieties rather than those that have been genetically engineered to resist herbicides or kill pests, because I select from catalogs that say categorically they do not and will not sell seeds that are genetically engineered.

I have also made the choice not to raise genetically engineered corn and soybeans. Why? Well, rather than boosting rural economies, genetically engineered crops have drained billions of dollars from them  — the temporary ease of weed control has led to even more farm consolidation; and the unbelievable power of the herbicide glyphosate to kill both annual and perennial weeds has destroyed food and nesting resources for many of our important insects and birds. Read Full Article »

Victory!! Pesticide Contamination Prohibited from Organic Production

Friday, June 24th, 2016

Center for Food Safety

Source: Montgomery Cty
Division of Solid Waste Service

Nonprofits laud decision upholding organic integrity as federal court closes pesticides loophole

Synthetic pesticides are once again prohibited in compost used for organic production, thanks to a federal court in the Northern District of California. The court issued a decision in litigation brought by several nonprofits challenging the United States Department of Agriculture’s allowance of pesticide contamination in compost used in organic food production. Center for Food Safety, Center for Environmental Health and Beyond Pesticides filed the case in April 2015, arguing that USDA had unlawfully changed organic regulations to create a new pesticide loophole without first undertaking a formal rulemaking and allowing the public to participate in any such decision. Yesterday, Judge Corley of the U.S. Federal Court for the Northern District of California agreed, ruling that USDA’s National Organic Program (NOP) violated the law when it issued what it called a “guidance” that weakened the long-standing prohibition on synthetic pesticides in organic compost, and striking it down. Read Full Article »

Organic Seed is Gaining Ground but Lags Behind Broader Growth in Organic Industry

Friday, June 24th, 2016

Organic Seed Alliance
Farmer contacts for media:
Richard Moyer, Moyer Family Farm, Castlewood, Virginia
Dale Coke, Coke Farm, Aromas, California
Jim McGreevy, Cloudview EcoFarms, Royal City, Washington

Source: Thiago Locks

Organic Seed Alliance releases first five-year progress report on organic seed

Organic Seed Alliance (OSA) released its first five-year update today on the status of organic seed. The report, State of Organic Seed, 2016, is part of an ongoing project to measure progress in increasing farmer access to organic seed in the US.

Organic farmers produce food differently, and that means they need different seed for the crops they grow: seed developed to thrive without synthetic fertilizers and pesticides, and adapted to their local climate and soil conditions. Read Full Article »

Vermont’s GMO Labeling Law: DuPont, Syngenta Fight Disclosure of Internal Studies

Thursday, June 23rd, 2016

Brattleboro Reformer
by Robert Audette

Source: Michael Galkovsky

The Vermont Attorney General’s Office is asking a federal judge to force Syngenta Corporation and Dupont to turn over internal studies relating to the safety of genetically modified organisms.

The state is asking the manufacturers of genetically engineered seeds — such as DuPont, Syngenta, Dow, Monsanto and Bayer — to turn over any studies conducted into the health and environmental impacts of those products and the producers of foods containing GE ingredients — such as Frito-Lay, Kellog’s and ConAgra — to release consumer surveys to see if these companies know what their consumers think when they see the word “natural.”

In May 2014, the Vermont Legislature enacted Act 120, which requires the labeling of foods produced or partially produced with genetic engineering or containing genetically modified ingredients and prohibits the labeling of such foods as “natural.”

In response to the state’s request for the documents, Syngenta and Dupont claim the state’s motions are untimely; the documents sought are irrelevant to the underlying litigation; and it is too burdensome to look for the documents. Read Full Article »