Full Moon Farm

Farm/Brand HeadquartersHinesburg, VT
Market AreaVermont
Total Score1670

Full Moon Farm Inc. is a ROP (Real Organic Project) and VOF (Vermont Organic Farmers)-certified, successful, organic farm, run by us, the husband and wife team of David Zuckerman and Rachel Nevitt.

In 1999, David started Full Moon Farm in Burlington’s Intervale, shortly before meeting his farming-loving, future wife, Rachel, who joined him in 2000. They outgrew the Intervale Center Farm Incubation program in 2008 and found new land, new opportunities and new dreams, down the road in Hinesburg.

Located in Hinesburg since 2008, Full Moon Farm grows 25 acres of diversified organic vegetables and raises certified organic pigs, chickens, eggs, flowers and CBD, which we sell through our CSA and the Burlington Farmers Markets. We believe we are the only farm in Chittenden county who offers all these items grown or raised organically right here on our own farm.

Now in our twenty-second year of farming together, our farm has continued to evolve with the changing times and needs of our customers. Farming with outbuildings and plenty of space in Hinesburg has allowed us to add animals: pigs, angora rabbits, laying hens, and meat birds to our operation. Our large barn lofts allow us to dry onions, garlic and CBD on a much larger scale. Our new pavilion provides space and scenery for pick-ups and on-farm events. Best of all, our big love of our community, helps us share the wealth of good food with our community.

This farm is certified by the Real Organic Project:

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TOTAL (possible score is 1800) 1670
5-Bird Rating | Top-Rated
Family Farms and cooperatives receive the most points. Corporations and companies with poor or negligible farm oversight receive the fewest points.
Ownership structure
100Family-scale farmstead farm
100% organic brands receive the most points. Split operations receive fewer with increased penalties for poor segregation at the processor and farm level.
Dedication to Organic Production
100100% organic production (brand does not market conventional)
Farms that participated in Cornucopia’s research providing full transparency receive the most points.
Transparency and Disclosure
100Full and open disclosure
Points determined by integrity of the brand’s organic certifier.
Organic Certifier
100Vermont Organic Farmers (VOF)
To receive full points, flocks must number 500 birds or fewer (200 for turkeys).
Flock size
100Full outdoor access, small flocks
No more than 1.5 lbs of bird per square foot is required for full points.
Stocking Density
100Full outdoor access
Mobile housing receives the highest number of points.
Housing Style
90Fixed barns for 20-24 days, then mobile-tractors, moved daily
Heritage varieties receive the highest number of points.
Strain and/or Breed and Slaughter Age
70Cornish Cross
Birds must spend 3/4ths or more of their lives outdoors for full points.
Timing for Outdoor Access
100High-quality outdoor access at 3 weeks
Enrichments include but are not limited to shade structures, water, novel feedstuff (greens, mealworms, sprouted grains), and dust baths.
Enrichments (outdoor and indoor)
80Outdoor access with shade structures
Points awarded for labels that go above and beyond organic.
Other Labels/Standards
100Real Organic Project
Maximum points given for high quality, rotated pasture. Non-rotated pasture adjacent to fixed housing with lower than 90% vegetative cover receives fewer points.
Outdoor Management
100Birds moved twice daily through clover and post-harvest vegetable plots
100 points for on-farm production and/or milling of feed. Fewest points given to feed that cannot be verified as domestic and/or birds get poor or no supplementation from outdoor foraging.
Feed Sourcing
80Obtain feed from organic feed supplier that distributes locally
Methionine needs met by outdoor foraging receives 100 points. Synthetic supplementation receives 70 points.
Synthetic Methionine
100None used
Under 5% cull and death rate required for full points.
Cull/death Rate
80Under 10%
Chicks and poults that are certified organic since hatching, or are hatched on-farm receive 100 points. Off-farm or conventional chicks and poults receive 70 points.
Chick and Poult Sourcing
70Chicks bought locally at one day old
No physical alterations required for full points. Permitting beak tipping results in fewer points.
Physical Alterations
Measures farm oversight. Farmer owned brands, or daily visits by management required for maximum points.
Farm Support
100Farmstead, owners live on site
Non-scoring, category provided for information only.
Slaughter Method (non-scoring)
Hand slaughter
Non-scoring, category provided for information only.
Soy Free Ration? (non-scoring)
Maximum transparency, sharing of the organic systems plan, and/or novel practices that sets the brand apart from the rest of the industry can result in extra credit points.
Extra Credit