Hawthorne Valley Farm

Farm/Brand HeadquartersGhent, NY
ProductsCheese, fluid milk, raw milk, yogurt, vat pasteurized, A2 breeds
Market AreaEast
Total Score1630

They write: “At Hawthorne Valley Farm, we’ve been dedicated to producing high quality food for more than 35 years. Our biodynamic farming practices reflect our commitment to protecting the health of the earth and all who live on it, and our education and outreach programs strive to raise awareness of the social, ecological, and economic importance of agriculture in our daily lives.

Our vision statement reads, “nurturing the land that nurtures us” and we take this statement seriously. Our goals are: to establish a true Biodynamic Farm; to connect children and adults with the land and the food that nourishes them; and to provide agricultural products of the highest quality. Through the farm’s products, we hope to open an educational dialogue about our environment, our economy, and ourselves.”

TOTAL (possible score is 1600 plus extra credit)1630
5-Cow Rating | Top-Rated—Beyond Organic
Ownership structure100Farmstead dairy
Milk Supply100Single farm
Organic Production100Brand only markets organic
Disclosure of Information for Verification100Full disclosure
Organic Certification100Stellar Certification Services
Other Labels/Standards100Biodynamic Certified and Animal Welfare Approved
Grass-fed60Exceeds USDA percent intake requirements
Soy Free Ration?Yes
Pasture100Excellent pasture compliance
Times Milked90Two times a day (standard protocol on legitimate organic dairies)
Cull/death Rate100Very low cull rate
Replacements100Closed herd
Calves100Replacement animals are raised on their mothers for 6 months
Antibiotic Use100No antibiotic use
Hormone Usage100No hormones used
Farm Support100Single farm
Procurement of Ingredients100No outside ingredients used
Extra Credit80Dairy gets all of their feed from domestic sources and grows almost all of their food. Has personal relationship with organic farm they buy any excess grain from.